Winter DIY Retreat Kit

Does winter make you want to crawl in bed and hibernate?

Do you long for time off to relax and breathe fresh air?

Does the festive season leave you feeling frazzled and overwhelmed?

Leave stress and burnout behind this winter and spend some quality relaxation time breathing in fresh air.  Enjoy time out just for you, or with friends, family and even children who love and nourish you.

Are you feeling like it’s just time for a good old connection with Mother Nature, like you spend your whole life stuck to a screen and need some fresh air?

I’ve bought together an amazing, online DIY Retreat Kit that covers everything you need to have your own personal retreat. I only run a few retreats a year so this is the perfect way to bring my therapy and teaching directly into your own home.

It will help you relax and rejuvenate.

You’ll spend some creative time refreshing your head space and your wellbeing.

You’ll totally relax and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

Winter can mean people stay inside, moaning about the weather and feeling fed up. It’s my mission to help you LOVE this time of year! Get outside, blow away the cobwebs and lift your spirits.

I’ve deliberately designed this kit so you can enjoy some time out and solace on your own, but also so you can have fun and do it with others too. It’s a great way of spending some quality time with  people who make you happy.

Everything within this online DIY Retreat Kit can be used solo or in a group. I’m going to be showing you the definitive guide for how you can enjoy some wonderful relaxation, whilst connecting with nature and nurturing your body and mind. You won’t even notice it’s cold and grey outside!


Your online Winter DIY Retreat Kit includes:

  • A welcome video along with a guide for what to pack and schedule for what order to run things in to get the most from your day and make sure you have everything you need
  • A guided meditation – so you can start your retreat feeling grounded, focused and calm
  • A natural art video masterclass – I’ll show you how to make pretty festive stars from things you can find in a park or garden, helping you to feel creative and at one with nature
  • A campfire cookout video along with two PDF recipes for making smoky chili with mini baked potatoes and homemade gingerbread! Nothing beats the smell of wood smoke and the feeling you get from enjoying campfire food
  • A series of videos introducing you to mindfulness, how it can help you, how you can implement it with real life practical tips into every day life. Aimed to help you manage stress going forwards.
  • A video explaining how nature can be a source of great inspiration for living life in the present moment.
  • An audio guide to walking with nature using mindfulness and the senses.
  • A guided visualisation which focuses on kindness and self-care
  • Two video masterclasses showing you how to make a warming and energising 100% natural body scrub and massage balm to clear sinuses, colds and flu.
  • A video on hygge (the Danish art of cosiness) to help you enjoy this time of year even more.

This DIY Retreat Kit can work just as well in both urban and rural areas and can be enjoyed in a garden, park or woodland alike.

Can you imagine how amazing it would feel to spend a day outside de-stressing, re-charging and connecting with yourself and nature, perhaps on your own or with people you love.

This is absolutely for you even if you don’t think you’re outdoorsy and you’re petrified of the idea of having to survive being stranded on a dessert island or you absolutely hate camping! I promise I don’t make you sleep outside in a tent!

The Winter DIY Retreat Kit is focused on relaxation and calmness.

I hold your hand through every step of the way.

The Winter DIY Retreat Kit is available right now for half price at £24.99 until 31st December 2016.

Perfect for an extra bit of self-love, as a Christmas treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special to you.