What qualifies me to talk about confidence in business?

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What qualifies me to talk about confidence in business?

A big part of what I teach is that confidence is a skill that you can learn rather than something you’re born with.


It can sometimes feel awkward (particularly as a Brit!) to big myself up and tell you why I’m good at what I do… but – in a move to practice what I preach, step out of my comfort zone and embrace the true authenticity of how I got to be doing what I do – I want to share what qualifies me to talk to you about confidence in business.


Read on if you’d like to understand more about my background and how my experiences have enabled me to empower 100s—in fact now 1,000s—of women through my coaching.


My education

I’m sure you’ve come across plenty of life coaches, confidence coaches, and mentors out there. Many of them publicly rubbish coaching qualifications and instead state that their life experience qualifies them better than any training course or accreditation.


I’m super proud of my qualifications and I believe they are really important to my unique coaching expertise. For a start, they accredit me, they mean I work with insurance, and they give me the right foundations to ensure I operate safely and with compliance to current practices. They also provide credibility and a baseline standard of expertise that I practice from.


Before university I trained in beauty therapy and complimentary therapies and I started experimenting with freelance work. My training in those areas gave me experience of delivering amazing customer service; really listening to people; and making people feel good about themselves – all essentials to being a good coach. I loved the feeling of what it would be like to be my own boss and these experiences planted a seed for my entrepreneurial ambitions.


I LOVE learning—I’ll never stop learning—and I’m going to shout loud and proud about my qualifications. So here goes!!


  • I have a first class Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Business Enterprise from the University of Birmingham – that’s a degree in how to run a business!
  • I’m accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management (The ILM) in a Leadership Diploma in Leadership Management (level 5) – that’s a qualification of degree equivalence all about leading teams, empowering people and understanding how to lead people.
  • I’m accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists in Performance Coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) – that’s a qualification of degree equivalence all about effective communication, empowerment techniques and reflection / action taking.


I won’t go into detail on the mental health qualifications and experience that I have, but it includes counselling skills, as well as all my outdoor therapy work – before I took my business online I used to do a lot of outdoor therapy.


I’m also currently training to be a psychologist, studying a Masters of Science in Psychology with British Psychology Society (BPS) accreditation.


So, my qualifications are pretty robust, and I’ve had sleepless nights and endless essays and exams to earn them!


My experience

Testimonials, reviews, unsolicited comments of praise on my social media posts…the social proof all speaks for itself to vouch for my credibility and experience, and the impact that my work has had on the women I work with.


With five years in business behind me, I’ve spent time honing what I do. I know where I can have impact and I know what works well, though obviously coaching is a totally personalised process. I had to start small—we all do when we’re creating a new business—but the number of women I’ve worked with on their empowerment is now into the 1,000s. It’s what I’m passionate about. I love seeing someone I work with have a lightbulb moment. I get so much from seeing transformation in the women I work with; from self-doubt to self-confidence through reflection and personal development.


I run a free Facebook Group community for women in business, called Self-Belief School. Come and check us out – it’s a private, safe, supportive space that’s open to all women in business who want to grow their confidence. I deliver weekly training and live Q&A each week in there. I bring in guest experts to add value and to enable small business owners and women in business to further their experience and enjoyment in what they do, while they build confidence and self-belief. I’ll soon add my podcast into this mix – more details on that soon!


My personal journey

I’m all about supporting women in business and particularly those with small teams. Generally speaking, my one-to-one clients have between 5 and 15 people in their team, and that’s where my leadership expertise really comes into play. I help female business owners be confident AND compassionate leaders.


I also coach in the sphere of setting up a new business from scratch because I’ve been there! The reason I choose to work with small teams and business start-ups is because I AM THAT or I HAVE BEEN THAT. I’ve made that journey myself—it’s my background!


I practise what I preach and learn from my own life experiences. I haven’t always been confident, and that’s part of what enables me to be an effective coach.


So, I hope you might now understand more about what makes me tick and why I love my job so much. And I hope that you feel in safe hands in terms of what qualifies me to talk about confidence in business!


I’d love to answer any questions that you might have about how I’m qualified to support YOU with your confidence and self-belief – send me a message and let’s have a chat!

If you’d like to find out more about coaching with me, you can find out more at www.hayleygillard.com/coaching

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