Two Things You Need To Be An Entrepreneur

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I’m real talking. I think you know that about me.

I deliberately share with you the ups and downs of my business journey. I let you know what I’m reading and doing and learning. It’s all in a bid to be more authentic, real and visible. I’m on my own Project Visibility mission. A mission to show you that if you’re YOU in your business, warts and all, then people will love you.


The right people will love you anyway. Your customers and potential customers.

And yes, some people won’t like you. That’s OK.


When you are you, unapologetically, you’ll speak right to the core of some people.

That’s where the gold is. Almost literally.


When you are you, you will build the know, like and trust factor with your clients. You’ll build rapport and you’ll connect with people.

We all want to feel like we trust the person we are buying from. We love little nosey behind-the-scenes snippets, and we love knowing that the person we’re buying from is as messed up, untidy, and imperfect as everyone else. Because, if they can do it, with all their raw reality, then maybe we can too!


And so, the metaphorical gold in connecting with people, becomes literal gold, because they’ll trust you enough to pay you for your services.

I’ve learnt two things on my confidence quest and my journey to grow a successful business.


I realise that sounds all airy fairy and spiritual but…


You need faith because you’re not born an entrepreneur. You have to learn the skills to build a business. You need to graft, read, learn, make mistakes and keep on going. You need mentors and people to guide the way. When you set out in business, you don’t know if you’re going to be successful. You hope you are, but there is no guarantee. That’s what makes it fun!

You need faith in the people who teach you, that they’ll help you with what you need. You need faith in the books you read, that they’ll be useful and not a waste of time. You need faith in the courses you do that they won’t be a waste of money.

But… none of that is guaranteed! You have to have faith.

Russel Brunson, in his marketing podcast, talks about needing faith in entrepreneurship. He acknowledges that to be successful you just have to keep trying, keep learning and keep buying from people who are one step ahead of you, who can teach you what they know. He illustrates needing faith perfectly in this analogy:

If an athlete KNEW he was going to win the race, he stops trying. The whole point is to work hard, get fitter, try your very best and really really hope you’ve done enough to win and beat your opponents. If it was guaranteed that he’d win, then what’s the point, he’d stop trying.

If an entrepreneur KNOWS her product is going to be a success, she wouldn’t be unique anymore because everyone would be running a business! The market would be flooded and there wouldn’t be any point any more.

You have to have faith that what you’re doing and who you’re investing in is going to work. It’s scary, but it’s the only way. You have to jump off the top diving board. Being a risk taker goes hand in hand with being an entrepreneur.

You need courage and to be brave. Being visible is vulnerable. I teach you that you have to be you, authentically, and that’s scary. We fear judgement, looking like a fool and coming across as weird and unlovable. We just want people to like us. The truth is, it’s impossible that everyone will like you. There’s just too many people who are totally different to you. I’m sure there are people who annoy you, irritate you, upset you and down-right disgust you. You’re no different I’m afraid.



Brene Brown talks about people mistaking vulnerability with weakness. She’s right, if you have courage to go live on Facebook, have an awkward conversation or post that blog even though it’s terrifying, then that’s BRAVE. You have to be brave to succeed in business. People WILL judge you, people WILL disagree with you and people WILL hate your stuff. But even more people will love it. They’re the people you’re serving. Don’t hold yourself back for the few who will judge you. Be brave for the people who need what you have to teach them.


So the lesson is this…

It’s not guaranteed that the course your do, or the coach you work with, will help you towards success but you have to have faith in it. You have to invest your time, money and effort into trying. Choose people who have credibility, who practice what they preach and who’ve got results for other people.

And you have to be brave enough to show up. You have to stay strong, reach beyond your comfort zone and get used to it. You’ll move the goalposts every time you do it. What was scary yesterday, becomes tomorrow’s second nature.

If you’re ready to be courageous and overcome your fear of being visible and being judged, then have faith in me, and my client’s testimonials, and join me on my next Fear of Facebook Live course.

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