The Retreat

Online Retreat

If only we had the answer.

If only we knew the one thing that would help us get through it all.

Guess what! We do!

Your emotional health is central to you having a happy life. Resilience (the power to bounce back) is absolutely essential. And we all want a happy life, right? Having people around you to support you is a massive part of that. Actively, consciously and deliberately looking after yourself. Self-love, wellbeing, self-care. It’s all the same thing. Prioritising YOU.

Especially if you want to be an awesome mum, partner, business owner, friend – which I know you do. How can you be awesome in those roles if you’re exhausted, burnt out and winning prizes in showing people how to NOT look after yourself?

That’s my number one agenda in The Retreat, my online membership club.

Community is so important.

Someone once said “we are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with”. Who do you spend the most time with? Are they people who bring you joy, protect you, encourage you and make you feel good?

If not, it’s time that changed. I can help. Keep reading!

If you’re missing some friends who support you, who nurture you and who make you feel excited to be alive, I can help with that too.

The Retreat is a community.

Yes, there’s amazing guest experts and brilliant masterclasses (more on that below) but the real heart of it all is the women who are in there.

The women in The Retreat are incredible. They’ve got your back. They’ll light up the path for you. They’ll help you live a life you love.


The Retreat is for you if…

  • You’re craving a relaxed and calm mindset and a positive attitude to life.
  • You’re sick of being at the bottom of your own to do list, living life for everyone else.
  • You want to make lasting changes to your wellbeing and deep mindset shifts.
  • You need connection, female empowerment and support.
  • You want someone to hold you accountable, make you laugh, lighten your load.

For the price of a couple of lattes at Costa or a few magazines (£15) you could be inspired, connected and living YOUR life the way YOU want it to be.

I know you feel guilty when you put yourself first – so every week I do a live coaching session called Cake Date, where we meet on facebook live (eating cake) and I help you to tackle those mind gremlins.

I know you have no time to relax – that’s why everything is short videos, mini tips and quick advice. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, there’s absolutely no pressure.

I know you feel alone on this journey – that’s why the facebook community is at the heart of this, with daily posts to keep you going.

I know you think you’ll fall off the band wagon – that’s why the content is emailed to you weekly, kept in an online portal and posted in the facebook group. Accountability is key!


The Retreat is for you if:

  • You want to learn about wellbeing from a whole range of diverse global wellbeing experts through masterclasses and live Q&A sessions.
  • You’re ready to make lasting changes and want a coach who can take you on that journey that you can connect to daily through a private facebook group and live coaching sessions.
  • You want to prioritise your wellbeing in a fun, communal, creative way.

The Best Guest Experts

Every month we’re joined by some of the best guest experts in the wellbeing world. They’ll take the stage for the month and share with you their stories, their best tips, their advice and their formulas for success.

I know all the guests personally so have been able to ensure they can deliver professional, dependable advice – and it’s loads of fun too!

The guests provide masterclasses, top tips and interactive challenges introducing you to top subjects to boost your wellbeing, like, meditation, yoga, feng shui, confidence, decluttering, hydration, laughter, sleep and mindfulness.

Having a monthly guest expert means you get the best advice from the people who talk this talk day in and day out. It’s not diluted, filtered or interpreted. It’s straight from the horse’s mouth!

In addition to the monthly guest experts, you’ll get a whole load of METhat’s me! I’m Hayley!

I bring energy and laughter to the party, light-heartedness and smiles. As well my fun, upbeat style which brings light to challenging situations and helps you through them, I bring my professionalism too. I’m a qualified ecotherapist, accredited life coach and I have a whole host of posh bits of paper from courses I’ve done in mental health, counselling, psychology, animal assisted therapy and neuro-linguistic programming.

My passion is in building community. I LOVE connecting people. I love showing people the strengths they have inside of them, I relish being able to help you reflect, see yourself from different perspectives and heal your pain. For a very long time now, I’ve worked with women who are sick of feeling overwhelmed and stuck. If you feel like this, I hope you’ll let me help you too.


How does it work?

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