How To Stop Being Overwhelmed

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I want to share with you an idea I use with my clients who feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stuck between procrastination and avoidance.

You know you need to write that sales page but just can’t get the words to flow.

You worry you’re doing it wrong, or you worry you don’t have the skills to do it.

You worry you need to outsource it but don’t have the money.

This makes you even more overwhelmed and it all just piles on.

You probably know that feeling well!

Think about it this way…

If you are exhausted and overwhelmed you’ve likely got a lot on your plate. You’re probably juggling life/work/relationships/kids/housework etc etc AND you’re really really trying to make your business work.



In my free masterclass Self-Doubt to Success I share with listeners the main mindset blocks that are holding you back from business success. If you haven’t yet downloaded it you can get it >here<. At the end of the masterclass I take listeners through a mini coaching session and I want to apply the same questions I use there, to this situation of overwhelm…

Ask yourself these 3 coaching questions…

  1. When I’m overwhelmed – how does this make me feel in myself?
  2. When I’m overwhelmed, how does it impact the way I show up in my business and how does that affect my clients and sales?
  3. When I’m overwhelmed, how does it impact the way I show up with my family, friends and in wider-life?

Take a minute or two right now to get a notebook out and answer those questions. Reflection and being self-aware are essential to any mindset shifts towards business success.


Take Action

I can probably guess the answers to your questions. I’ve worked with many many many female business owners like you who doubt whether they’re cut out to be an entrepreneur because of overwhelm. Know you’re not alone.


Answering those coaching questions will hopefully have shown you how much it’s affecting your life and spurred you on to do something about it once and for all.

You may not like the answer to how to stop being overwhelmed because it obvious, necessary and can feel awkward.

The answer is to STOP.

You have to stop, empty your head, and look after yourself.

You have to learn not to say yes to everything.

You have to learn to prioritise.

You have to learn to ask for help.

I know this can push on buttons created from childhood. You’ve learnt to be self-reliant because people let you down in the past. You juggle everything and end up dropping the plates because you don’t trust people to do things how you want them done. You believe you’re too passive and can’t say no in case you hurt someone’s feelings.

You already KNOW that you need to put your own oxygen mask on first. You KNOW the benefits of looking after yourself, relaxing and reducing your stress and you KNOW you’re a nicer, fairer, happier, more energetic person when you do make time to relax…

But, remembering to do it, getting out your old habits of putting yourself last, and learning to prioritise yourself is a whole other ball game isn’t it?!

I hear you.

Your action (because no coaching session with me is complete without homework!) my friend, is to start looking after yourself better.

“No, I don’t want to meet for a coffee” (because I want to read a magazine at home on my own instead).

“No, I can’t do that extra work for you” (because I don’t actually want to!)

Decide right now what you can do to start looking after yourself better.

Keep it small and achievable for now, otherwise you’ll never do it.

An overwhelmed you, is an ineffective you. You can’t show up to help your customers, be there for your kids or be a marketing ninja if you’re overwhelmed.

Taking time out lets your stress levels come back down to earth, creates some headspace and allows you to get a little perspective. You can then take action on any business problems or challenges rather than wrapping them all up in a big bundle, adding a layer of self-doubt and procrastination and ending up in overwhelm.

You have permission. Go and put the kettle on.

For tips and advice about overwhelm, and so much more, I’d love you to join us in Self-Belief School – my free Facebook community for female entrepreneurs. We have weekly live training about subjects to improve your mindset (and therefore your business success).

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