Perhaps your recent launch didn’t meet expectations…

Or maybe your social media engagement is low…

Or your staff seem unmotivated…

We all face difficulties in our business – maybe you’re battling one of these right now? When these sorts of challenge happen do you find yourself thinking “I can’t do this – I need to quit and do a normal job!”?? The problem, whatever it is, triggers that mindset monster of self-doubt, reducing your confidence to its lowest ebb and leaving you questioning your personal abilities.

Well you’re not alone! I’ve been through it myself and it’s SUCH a common theme for so many of my clients. We encounter challenge in our business; it wobbles our confidence and undermines our self-belief, and this develops into a habit of self-sabotage that’s not helpful to us OR our businesses.

One Simple Reframe

My message to you is: Don’t translate your challenges into failures, character flaws and personality traits! And my simple reframe can help you to stop this unhelpful pattern…

When you experience these difficulties, it’s time to reframe and THINK LIKE A CHIEF EXEC!!

So what does this actually mean? Have you ever imagined the role of a CEO? Perhaps you are one or you’ve been one. Well, what would a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) do with disappointing results or an unexpected challenge? They would reflect on the situation and look at it like a business problem. And business problems have solutions!! So they would investigate what’s causing the challenge and start a solution-finding process to work out how to resolve it.

Back to your own business and its current challenge…

That solution-finding process might mean that you need to do some resource investigation; or take a course to find out more about that particular area; or hire a coach to help you get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from addressing something; or have a discussion with a business bestie who’s got similar experience to share with you.

Whatever it is, you’ll be in a stronger position to fix it without the self-sabotage and self-doubt triggered, and you’ll be able to view the problem more objectively and clearly that way too.


Next time you experience a disappointment in your business I want you to tell yourself – out loud if you like! – “THINK LIKE A CEO!” And put your objective solution-finding mission into action.

In fact one of my favourite clients actually turned this phrase into a postcard and has it hung above her desk!

Let me know whether this reframe helps you to break the habit and develop some helpful perspective! 

If you’d like to be part of my weekly live training on topics like this come and join us in Self Belief School – a free Facebook group for likeminded female business leaders.

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