Many women are ambitious and determined to be successful, achieve goals and make more money - 
but there's a huge problem.

The problem is... they just don't feel confident or good enough. Like you, whilst they wouldn't say they were a completely shy, timid, unassertive person in every aspect of their life, there are some situations that freak them out completely!

They question whether they're good enough.

They doubt if they've got what it takes to succeed.

Do you dread awkward conversations with your partner or a member of staff?
Hate public speaking, addressing the board or delivering a team meeting?
Cringe at delegating or outsourcing, through fear of having to chase people when things haven't happened on time?

Do these kind of things leave you shaking at the knees, resorting to email correspondence 
so you don't need to face things in person, and avoiding conversations altogether?

I hear you.

The answer to your problems is overcoming your doubt - believing in yourself - having confidence.
Before you click away thinking "It's all just mindset mumbo jumbo..." Hear me out!

All it takes is a subtle shift in your brain to start seeing results. 
One subtle shift. That's it. 
And I want to tell you exactly what that shift is so you can get out of your own way and start growing and succeeding!
That's why I'm offering you instant access to my private membership group Self-Belief School (value priceless!)...

For only £10/month!
Imagine being able to walk into a room and feel calm and confident. People would appreciate your input and you'd feel valid.

Visualise assertively addressing your team, the Board or your manager in way that makes them see you as credible and assertive.

Picture those awkward performance management conversations with a team member and succinctly getting your point across, without hurting the other person and still being nice.

It's really important to you that you're not viewed as rude, unkind and bossy, but you still want to be successful - right?! Confidence would give you a 
can-do attitude and you'd have faith deep down that you can do this!
How would your life be different if you...?:
  • Knew you could overcome any fear or challenge with 100% belief. You'd never question your abilities again!
  • Felt calm, assertive and knew exactly what to do each day to make people feel good whilst not compromising your own needs?
  • ​Never compared yourself to others, felt totally confident in your skills and never worried what other people thought of you?
  • Start your day with a feel good attitude, be easily able to prioritise and not waste time stuck in the fog of overwhelm?
  • Heard all of your friends and family praising you, believing in you and congratulating you for achieving your goals and desires?
  • ​Finished your day feeling accomplished and confident - with money in the bank and happy clients/staff/bosses?
There's a secret all successful and ambitious women in business know - it's how they're able to have a huge impact on people's lives, make great money and skyrocket their careers - whilst spending quality time with their loved ones - without burning out.
It's time you had the information they had so you can have that too.
Unlike other training, this membership club helps you build a foundation on which to KEEP growing.
You deserve to build your confidence, skyrocket your success and prove to 
the world that you've got what it takes.

Never again worry whether you're good enough or doubt if 
you're cut out for being a leader.
Feel more confident today with...
  • A clear understanding of how your brain processes self-belief and learn the neuroscience behind confidence.
  • Release the past and it's hold on you. Understand the reasons your confidence is low and how you can let it go.
  • Learn skills and techniques to grow in confidence right here, right now.
  • ​Discover use-anywhere tools for when you need that extra boost.
What's included in...
Weekly Live Training and Q&A
  • Science-based evidence on how your brain processes confidence
  • Learn about brain growth and transformation that means anyone can learn to be confident (yes, even you!)
  • Information that shows you're never too old to learn to be confident
Guest Experts
  • Understand why your brain is deliberately keeping you playing small and making you avoid things that you're fearful of
  • ​Realise the limitations and also the amazing potential of your brain!
  • ​Let go of old thought patterns to build new ones
Recommended Books & Videos
  • Start feeling more confident right NOW!
  • ​Tools you can use over and over again in your own time.
  • ​Build up a tool box of things you can do to really show your fear and self-doubt who's boss!
Plus THREE new bonuses!
Empowering Confidence Meditation
  • Visualise: Scientifically proven to work!
  • Relax: Feel more motivated and productive
  • Re-listen: Use again and again whenever you need a boost
30 Confidence Affirmation Ideas
  • Growth: Restructure your brain for success!
  • Use anywhere: In the car, at home or at work!
  • Tried and Tested: By my VIP customers!
My Top 10 Book Recommendations
  • Support: All my favourite confidence books
  • Ease: Links and descriptions to help you choose
  • Learn: Keep growing and learning!
I use this information and these techniques on myself! Seen any of my Facebook Lives? Been to one of my talks? You'll see that I appear calm, confident and easily relatable. I'm like that because I feel confident too! None of what I've learnt myself is a secret. I share it all.

I'm not JUST a Coach! I haven't just read a book on this stuff and am now regurgitating it to you like so many people out there. I'm also a Business Graduate, Leadership Consultant, a Trainee Psychologist and an NLP practitioner. I have certificates in various therapeutic interventions, I'm a public speaker, and I've run businesses for the last 12 years in one guise or another. I've been called a Life-Saver, a Goddess and a Best Friend. My coaching is accredited and insured. I've also gone through a lot of my own sh*t. 

I've got the track record too! I've worked with hundreds of clients in all sorts of industries - jewellery makers, underwear retailers, housing consultants, student exchange managers, pharmacists, hypnotherapists, adoption coaches and tonnes more. I've coached hundreds of people in being confident on stage, comfortable giving instructions, effectively delegating, managing teams with leadership, and using Facebook Live without fear. I understand confidence and have the client results to prove it.

I'm nice! Empathy and compassion are my greatest strengths. I've been told I know intuitively when to give you a virtual hug or when to give a virtual kick up the bum! I have a rescue greyhound, a lively whippet and I'm married to a tall, dark, handsome man I met at yoga! 
I'm real, I'm authentic and there's no bullsh*t here.
Hi! I'm Hayley! *wave*!
I’m an Accredited Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainee Psychologist and I’ve worked with hundreds of women in business on their confidence and self-belief. I work internationally giving workshops, talks, retreats and one to one coaching about confident leadership.

After a lifetime of not believing I was good enough, always questioning my ability, comparing myself to others and dealing with crippling anxiety, I've learnt the importance of personal development. Over time, I learnt what it takes to run a successful business - confidently. I've learnt what it takes to confidently delegate, lead people and let go of worrying what other people think all the time. Most importantly I’ve learnt what it takes to feel confident - not just look, or come across as confident
I've mastered how to believe in myself 100%.

It's time for you to decide want you really want. Whether that's feeling confident charging more, feeling confident delegating and growing your team to give yourself more time off, or feeling confident making decisions and launching new products. 

If you want to know that you can genuinely start to feel more confident - immediately - I'm here to show you that you can.
Just know that feeling confident is within your reach - right now...
  • Passionate about succeeding and determined to be the best version of you!
  • Done feeling down, not good enough or worried about what other people think.
  • Sick of seeing other people "make it" ahead of you.
  • ​Ready to prove to your doubters that you are good enough to be an business leader.
  • ​Looking to overcome feelings of inadequacy, fear and being an imposter.
  • ​Open to appreciating that personal development is an amazing, incredible process.
  • You want me to wave a magic wand and make you successful overnight.
  • You aren't open-minded and self-reflective
  • You don't understand the benefits of personal development and are not open to transformation
I'm a small business owner. I understand the hesitance to invest in a digital product. You work hard to bring in income and you don't want to waste it on something you already know or could have got for free.

I'm extremely proud of the products I put out there and put my hard work, effort and knowledge into creating them. I know anyone who implements the strategies I share in Self-Belief School will be genuinely chuffed with their purchase. That's why I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee. Whilst I obviously can't guarantee that you will put in the work necessary to grow your confidence, I can guarantee your satisfaction with Self-Belief School and the time and stress it will save you in the future, because you won't be holding yourself back. 

Of course, if you're not happy with Self-Belief School, I will refund your money within 14 days of the purchase.

What's standing in the way of you finally overcoming your blocks and lack of confidence, and building your successful career/business? 

It's YOU! It's your confidence in your business and your ability to succeed.
I know, and you know, I can't teach you to be 100% confident overnight - and - you know life may still throw you curveballs. That's why I've designed Self-Belief School as ongoing support. It's about building confidence

We want to prioritise learning the skills to keep building confidence.
When you click the "Yes, I Want This" button below, you'll go through to a payment checkout page 
where you can enter your details directly.

This is a special offer and Self-Belief School will not remain this price for long.

Self-Belief School is a membership club, but there are no contracts. You can cancel at any time.

Once you've signed up you will get an email inviting you in to the private Facebook Group.
It says £10/month. What does that mean?
Self-Belief School is a membership club. You will be charged £10 a month recurring automatically on the same date every month. There is no contract or minimum time you have to stay. If you decide it's not for you, you can cancel your membership by emailing me and you will no longer be charged. By paying today you will lock in the price of Self-Belief School at £10/month even when I raise the price in the future.
What happens once I've signed up?
You'll go through the payment processing and then an email will be sent to you automatically with your receipt and also instructions on how to join the Facebook Group. You'll also have access to all the bonuses which are hosted in an online portal. You'll set up a password for that.

Once you're in the Facebook Group, I'll tag you in the welcome video and then you can interact as much as you like!
Can I pay in a different currency?
No, I'm sorry. I'm British and all my business banking is done in British Pound Sterling. The payment button will connect you with Stripe which will then convert using their exchange rate.
How much do I have to practice?
Being confident is a life long journey. If I could wave a magic wand and make you confident, I would, but I can't, so you have to learn it yourself. I teach you how to be confident in my live training each week - you can then go on your Self-Belief School journey (and throughout life) with that knowledge and the ability to pick and choose techniques that suit your personality and strengths. Some techniques (like affirmations) require practice - others (like body language) are immediate. 
How long will it take before I see results?
You'll see results immediately! I recommend watching the How To Be Confident Masterclass first. The beginning of the masterclass is designed to give you knowledge and information about how the brain processes confidence. Once you know that you'll have a lightbulb moment and realise that confidence is not something you're born with but something you can learn, you can choose how much you learn! If you want quicker results spend your time learning these skills!
Does this work for anyone or do I need to have some confidence already?
This works for anyone. Confidence is a skill you learn, not something you are born with. Some parts of Self-Belief School will speak to you more than others. Take this information and use it to transform how you feel about confidence, no matter where in that journey you are right now.
I've never been confident, will it help me?
Absolutely! I'll show you how your brain processes confidence, how you can let go of the things that have kept you stuck and teach you skills to start building confidence.
How do I silence the inner voice that says "this works for other people but it won't work for you"?
I teach you a skill to help you with that in this masterclass - and even more self-talk techniques in my full Confidence Accelerator programme which you'll hear about after you sign up for this.
Do I have to watch everything altogether and live? I don't have time or I'm in a different time zone.
You can watch live training and Q&A sessions as flexibly as you need. There are people from all over the world in Self-Belief School. All live training is left in the Facebook Group for people to come back to time 
and time again. 
Will other people know I'm part of this? I don't want people to know I'm not confident.
No. No-one will even know you've purchased it. Self-Belief School is a private Facebook Group, that means non of your Facebook friends will see that you're in it, no one can see your posts in the group and it won't appear on your timeline. The only people who can see you are your fellow members. They'll become your new friends in no time as you're all going through the same journey.
Aren't people just either confident or not?
Absolutely not! No-one is born confident - like no one is born an entrepreneur, knowing how to run a business. Confidence (like your job) is a skill to learn. This is your first step to learning how to be confident.
I'm really introverted, can I be confident without having to change my personality and pretend to be extroverted when I'm not?
Definitely! Confidence is about an internal feeling of self-worth and self-acceptance NOT an external thing.
Start your confidence journey now ----->
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