Fear Of Facebook Live


Ready to dive in to Fear of Facebook Live? You’re just a few clicks away from banishing that fear forever! Take a look below for the full info on the two week programme!


Fear of Facebook Live!


You know video gets better engagement.

You know it’s better to connect with a face, voice and laugh, rather than some text.

You know the Facebook algorithm likes video.

You know Insta stories is booming.

You know all the entrepreneurs you look up to use video.

You know video can grow your business and make you more sales.


But you’re terrified.

You’re worried you look fat and ugly.

You’re anxious, you sound like an idiot and your accent is awful.

You fear you make words up, hesitate too much and lose your point.

You’re totally out of your comfort zone. You don’t understand the tech or how to make the background look good.

You don’t know how to be at ease on camera and need a script. But the script is too long and then makes you look uptight.

You’re worried about trolls, that you’ll be laughed at and judged.

You’re scared people who know you will watch it and that makes you cringe.

You’re nervous no-one will watch, that you’re not interesting and have nothing new to add.


I get it.

That does sound terrifying.



I’m an accredited coach and trainer and I’ve worked with hundreds of women on confidence and self-belief. I have given workshops, run retreats and spoken on stage about confidence.

I’ve done over 500 Facebook lives! I have recorded videos for Youtube, for my programmes and I also video Skype clients every day.


I’m totally at ease in front of the camera and I can show you how to be confident too.



I’m going to teach you how to:


  • Minimise and remove negative self-talk – let go of the worries and the doubt once and for all using knowledge based in philosophy, neuroscience and psychotherapy. Imagine not worrying about this ever again and recording videos and going live with ease!
  • Feel confident and authentic in front of the camera – feel like you (the sparkly, happy version of you!) so you shine and smile! You’ll talk naturally, calmly and be easily able to talk about what you do and what you sell. Watch those sales increase!
  • Stop worrying what other people think – completely! I’ll show you how to release fears from the past and never care what people think again!
  • Trick your mind you’re confident so you get calm hormones released! – understanding how the brain reads confidence and therefore how to trick it!
  • Creating videos in our practice sessions so you start to feel comfortable doing it. Practice makes perfect after all!
  • Be confident with Facebook Live technology and never worry about stumbling and looking silly.


Using video will grow your social media accounts, build know, like and trust factor with your clients and people will get to know you so much more.

That growth will enable you to sell more products and services and make more money.

More money in your business means you can hire that coach, fix your website and get those professional photos. You can outsource, grow your team and hit your next goals.


Video is the cheapest and easiest way to market yourself and your business.

Think about the possibilities for creating video training, video e-courses and video webinars where you can serve your clients, make sales and grow your following.



I’ll teach you the skills you need to be confident on video but this deal works both ways.

This is for you if:

You’re a go-getter and you want to move past this block.

You’re up for a challenge. I will coach you but I can’t do it for you.

You’re scared of Facebook live but you’re not scared of self-reflection and growth.

You want to use video to grow your business and earn more money.


I can’t run a Facebook live course without delivering it through Facebook live can I?!

Course Structure

The course takes place over 2 weeks using Facebook Live in a private Facebook group just for this cohort of participants. 6 video trainings in total (3 videos per week).

The course is LIVE –  ask me questions, get answers to your problems and work through your fears with a group of likeminded women.

There will be 3 videos a week, taking place from 12pm (so you can watch in your lunch break!).


Course Content

1 – Tech know how and using it competently

2 – Self-talk, fear and removing blocks.

3 – How to stop caring what other people think!

4 – Authenticity and being happy with who you are.

5 – Mindset tricks to fake confidence!

6 – Practical advice to perfect your technique.

PLUS! Ask me Questions live and get feedback on your practice videos!


Next Start Dates

The next course starts on Monday 21st October  with the live calls taking place on:

Monday 21st October at 12pm

Wednesday 23rd October at 12pm

Friday 25th October at 12pm

Monday 28th October at 12pm

Wednesday 30th October at 12pm

Friday 1st November at 12pm


If you can’t watch live, the replay’s will be available after and will be sent to you by email too.

It will all take place in a private Facebook group where it’s safe and you can overcome your fear, with cheerleaders around you and people in the same position you are.

By the end of the course you will have done 6 Facebook lives in the private space! – Practice makes perfect and I want you to get the same results my one to one clients get.

Plus – I’m nice! I get results for people using my greatest strengths – my empathy and compassion. It’s ok you’re scared of this stuff but now’s the time to move through the fear and into the successful business woman you are.


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