I Want My Business To Be Perfect!

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Do you find yourself making excuses for not launching new products or services because they’re not perfect yet? To get your business where you want it to be takes trial and error and testing, testing, testing. And, most importantly, it involves finding out what your customers want.


Have you done your market research?

When you’re stressed out about making money from your business it’s really difficult to step back and focus on market research – I know, I’ve been there. When money is tight it seems much more important and valuable to channel all your efforts into selling. Can you relate to this? The problem is, if you don’t do market research to find out what your customers want then it’s highly likely that you’re selling what you would want to buy rather than what your customers want.


Don’t ASSUME that you know what your customers want! It’s essential to ASK your customers what they want. And to be prepared for their answers not to fit with what you might expect or most want to sell to them!


I use customer avatars as part of my marketing strategy to help me work out what my clients and customers want. My next step is always to test, test, test. That doesn’t mean my products always sell. But when they don’t sell I find out more and then adapt to deliver what my customers say they want.


Are your products tried and tested?

Have a look at the products that you’ve got. Are your customers buying them? If not then you don’t need to be disheartened, you just need to need to try something else, reflect on the learning that you can get from that, and then keep testing. Detach yourself from the emotional stuff that’s stopping you from developing and evolving and try something else. It’s all about testing and tweaking until you get it right for your customers.


Another scenario is the temptation to avoid putting products out there for your customers because you’re worried that no-one will buy them. You won’t know unless you test it! And the fact that they’re new and an unknown could be an indication that you’re a really good entrepreneur! Everything you’re doing is testing to find out whether it’s something your customers want to buy from you.


If you don’t put new things out there then you won’t know what your customers will and won’t respond to. What your customers buy from you won’t necessarily stay the same in the future: it’s important that you can move and pivot according to what your customers want. Hopefully you can see why testing is so important.


So, don’t assume you know what your customers want! And remember your business doesn’t have to be perfect immediately. To get to where you want to be takes a continual process of testing and refining what you do.


Take action!

I want you to think about your products or services and be really honest with yourself about whether you KNOW that they are what your customers want. HOW do you know this? Have you tested them and do you have feedback?


Next, is there a product or service that you’ve held back from telling your customers about because you don’t know whether they would buy it? Why not test that out too! I’d love to hear how you get on with this.


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