Create a Morning Routine to Condition your Mind for Success!

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Hayley Gillard

Is your morning routine setting you up for success?

Sleep… Exercise… Nutrition… Hydration… Fresh air…

How many of these fundamental human needs does YOUR morning routine provide? If the answer is “not many” then, trust me, you’re not starting your day optimally primed to achieve success in all of those amazing things that you can do!!

I’ve got some tips to share with you on how you can make sure you get what you need to start your day in the “RIGHT” way and help you function as an optimal human being. Build these elements in to your morning routine and you’ll know that you’re giving yourself the best chance at getting the most out of your day. You’ll have primed your brain, at a cellular level, to be healthy and function at its best. And because of this you’ll also have more resilience to overcome any problems that come your way.

We all have our own morning habits and routines. I’m using my own morning routine here to share the key things that I do to condition myself for success each day, which really do make a difference to the mindset that I go into the day with.

I’m not suggesting that you follow this exactly, but I’m sure you’ll notice the themes from the list above and be able to reflect on anything that’s not serving you well in your own routine.

My morning routine

Here’s how I start my day:

My alarm goes off and I GET STRAIGHT UP! Maybe not on a Sunday!! But during the week I avoid hitting snooze. Instead I get up and have a big STRETCH there in the dark. There’s research to say that getting up this way is really good for you.

I go downstairs, open the blind, and switch on a lamp if it’s dark, to tell my brain that I’m ready to wake up. Then I choose a 10-minute meditation from my meditation app – something that’s uplifting and awakening, like a body scan. By the way, my phone lives downstairs at nighttime – I keep it out of the bedroom for “sleep hygiene” reasons, so it never disturbs or distracts me in the night.

I let my dogs out in the garden and take a few lungfuls of fresh air. If you want to try an energising technique that’s great for sending lots of oxygen into your body, try this: Breathe in for a count of 4—hold that breath for 7—and breathe out for a count of 8.

Then I make my cup of tea and I DRINK IT! And by this I mean I enjoy each sip and don’t do anything else for those 5 special minutes! This is time for ME and it’s also a really good mindfulness technique… but more about that another time!

A herbal tea or hot water and lemon – or a glass of water at room temperature – are all great options for hydration, and lemon first thing in the morning has some fab health benefits too.

Next I make a good breakfast – something that’s going to give me plenty of energy for the morning. My normal breakfast, if you’re interested, is a big bowl of whole oat porridge, nuts, seeds and fruit. Anything slow-releasing will give your body the chance to absorb plenty of energy and provide you with loads of oxygen to then work out throughout the day.

After that I take my dogs for a walk. There’s been LOADS of scientific research to prove that fresh air positively affects your optimism, motivation and productivity. And also into how being outside improves mental wellbeing. As a trained ecotherapist I’ve done loads of work in this fascinating area.

And then I’m ready for the rest of my day!

The most important daily actions for my mindset conditioning are: STRETCH—MEDITATE—HYDRATE—NUTRITION—FRESH AIR. You obviously don’t need to copy my morning, but if you can do something to get at least ONE of those things into your daily life then you can be sure that you’ll be helping your brain to achieve success that day. Have a think about how you can bring more of these elements into your morning. Maybe it’s taking a hot shower; or opening the window; or having that cup of tea quietly while you do nothing else. Whatever it is you choose, make sure your morning routine is really going to set you up for the day ahead.

There are lots of tools and techniques that I can teach you to condition your mindset but these basic human needs are the foundations for where this work begins.

Take action!

SO, back to my first question… What can you do to get these elements into your morning, to set you up for YOUR day so that you can condition your mind for success??

Have a think about which of the 5 elements you think you’re falling most short on in the morning… I challenge you to make ONE tangible change to your daily routine that allows you to get MORE of whatever that is into your day. Do you notice a difference in your mindset? Let me know what changes you see!

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