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It’s well known if you’ve followed my stuff for even a week, that I talk about two stages to achieving your goals.

1 – Reflection

2 – Take Action

What I mean by that is this…

✔You’re here reading this because you want to grow in confidence.

✔You want to get out of your own way.

✔You want to stop procrastinating, stop holding yourself back and stop playing small.

✔You want to grow a business.

✔You want to be successful.

✔You want to hit your income goals, help many people and you want to feel confident.


I teach you, for free, in everything I put out there, that in order to do that, you HAVE to go through those two stages.

You’re stuck and facing a business challenge. You have to 1) reflect on what the challenge is and then 2) do something about it.

You have thoughts that you’re not good enough to be a business owner. You have to 1) reflect on how this is holding you back in business and then 2) learn that you are good enough.

You are struggling to make sales. You have to 1) Work out what part of your marketing/sales/products isn’t working and then 2) Change it, tweak it, problem solve it.


Now, I’m not saying this is an easy process. I’m not saying that you can suddenly, instantaneously (or even overnight), solve your problem BUT if you do absolutely nothing to take action, there’s no point in even reflecting in the first place.


✔You recognise that you’re not confident.

✔You know you need to make more sales.

✔You understand that you need to grow your business.


Great. But none of that matters unless you do something about it.

The magic happens when you do something about it.

Right now, my current business challenge is that I need more people to know I exist. That’s my reflection.

My taking action, is that I’m getting more visible so more people hear about how I can help them.

As well as my normal blogging, social media posting and live training, I’m doing guest blogs, Instagram stories takeovers, and being interviewed on other people’s Facebook pages. I’m doing a daily Facebook live (Project Visibility), and I’ve started recording a podcast. Next, I’ll move on to consistently writing and talking for other people every month, I’ll use Facebook Ads and I’m now using funnels to gain more traffic.

My point is, there is no point to trying to run a business, unless you realise you have to constantly learn, grow, evaluate and adapt.



If you want to learn to be confident, join Self-Belief School.

If you want to reach more people, learn how to build a funnel.

If you want to use Facebook Live but you’re scared, join my next course.


Just do SOMETHING to take action. Or… to be blunt, stop moaning about it!


This sounds harsh but I don’t want to waste any more of your time. It’s true.

I always say my favourite people to work with are action takers. I say that for a reason! The people who take action get the most results! You have to put your money where your mouth is, you have to read (a lot!), you have to take courses, you have to have coaching, you have to ask for help and have an awesome support network around you.

If you’re not doing that stuff, you’re setting yourself up to fail.

If you need a wake-up call and if you’ve been resting on your laurels for far too long, then consider this your tap on the shoulder. Consider this your call to action.


Right now, reflect on what you’re stuck with and list 3 things you’re going to do TODAY to do something about it.


Your customers will thank you for it, your confidence will thank you for it and your bank balance will thank you for it!

Need more customers? Want more sales?

Video is cheapest and easiest way to market yourself and your business.

Your customers love video because they can get to know you and build a relationship.

The Facebook algorithm loves video, so your engagement will go up.

Video can grow your business and make you more sales.

I understand it’s scary, but this is where the taking action part comes in. Take action to overcome your fear, build your business and make more sales.

I’ll empower you and show you how to be confident.

Take action and sign up for my next Fear of Facebook Live! The next course starts SOON!


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