How To Get Perspective On A Business Challenge

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When you run your own business, you have to work out how to overcome problems and meet challenges head-on. Thinking like this enables a successful and confident entrepreneurial mindset. But being in business can be really difficult at times, especially when you cover many different roles in and aspects of your business. It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed by what may seem like endless challenges and problems.


Challenge and overwhelm

Many of my clients come to me in a state of overwhelm, where every challenge they encounter layers up as further evidence that they don’t have what it takes to be a business owner. I hear comments like this all the time:


“I can’t do this!”

“Maybe being an entrepreneur isn’t for me!”

“I don’t have the right skill set!”

“I’m not good enough to do this!”


Perhaps you have a record on repeat in YOUR brain saying one of these things? When you’re in this state it’s so easy to consider every problem or challenge that arises as a personal reflection on you and why you’re just not cut out for this. I hear you and I’ve been there! It’s really, REALLY common – and it quickly leads to overwhelm and burnout, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’ve got a technique to share with you here to stop that process of overwhelm in its tracks and enable you to tackle the challenge at hand without your confidence taking yet another hit.


Think like a CEO

So that things don’t spiral into overwhelm it’s absolutely essential that you learn to “think like a CEO”. I’ve written a blog on how to do this, which you can read here. The ability to think like a CEO is a vital mindset to master if you want to overcome challenge in your business without the overwhelm or taking problems as a personal reflection on your shortcomings. In my group mastermind – “CEO Yourself” – we work together as a small private group, over six months, to help you overcome business challenges, grow in confidence, self-esteem and motivation, and really up-level your business mindset for good. You can find out more here.


Look at your language

Right now I want to share an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique with you that uses visualisation to help you gain perspective – and see different views – on a business challenge. This technique can help you to step straight out of overwhelm and into a place where you can see a business problem or challenge for exactly that; a problem or a challenge – rather than a personal reflection on your abilities and potential for success.


And this is an important point. Using the words problem or challenge means that brain processes the situation as something that you can overcome: an obstacle that CAN be moved out of the way. By the way, if you use language that your brain processes to mean it has potential and capacity to do something about that thing then you set yourself up to succeed. Read more about the power of your language on your confidence here.


A new perspective on an old challenge

So, on to the visualisation to gain perspective on the problem or challenge… Have you have heard phrases like: “helicopter view” or “aeroplane view,” or “30,000-foot view” before? This business jargon is linked to an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) technique that I’ve used really effectively with clients before. If you and I were working one to one now, I’d be trying to get you to disassociate from the emotion in your situation and almost step out of your body as though you’re looking down on it.


Try it for yourself now: Bring the big challenge that you currently face in your business to the front of your mind. Paint the picture of that current challenge. Perhaps it’s about cashflow difficulties, or a marketing issue, or a general struggle with how to keep control of everything… Whatever it is, really live it – you might want to read the next section and then close your eyes to do the visualisation, if that helps you to focus.


Picture what you’re doing; what you’re feeling; what sounds you’re hearing; what your surroundings look like. Think of as much detail about the scene as you can and try to embody the current challenge that you face. Notice how you feel, what you’re doing; and how you’re behaving. Imagine what thoughts are going through your head; picture them as thought bubbles above your head.


And now step out of that scene.


Keep your eyes closed.

Now, float above the situation. Take your mind physically out of the situation. You’re looking down at this version of you below, as an observer. Do you feel differently towards it? Can you empathise with what the person you’re looking down on is going through? Can you offer yourself any advice from your new perspective on the situation? Take yourself further and further away now; as though you’re on an aeroplane that’s flying up and away from that version of you who faces the challenge. Does that help you to feel some distance from the problem or look at things differently? Can you re-imagine the situation as a client or a passer-by? Take yourself outside of the situation and this will allow you to take some emotion out of things and gain a different perspective.


This exercise may not bring you the answer to the problem, but it could well invigorate the way that you then tackle your challenge or solve your problem.


This visualisation can help you to get a new perspective on your challenge or problem, but the next step is to put what you learn from this reflective process into practise. Here’s how you can take action on this: Write down at least THREE things that you haven’t previously noticed about the problem or challenge, which came up for you while you went through the visualisation. What do these new observations tell you about what you need to do next? You might find it helpful to read my “Think Like a CEO” blog now, to help you to begin your solution-finding process!


Let me know in the comments below, is visualisation something you use regularly? How does it help you in your business?


If you want more hints and tips like this I would love to invite you to come and join me in Self-Belief School. It’s a private free community on Facebook where like-minded female entrepreneurs like you are hanging out, asking questions, supporting each other. I’m in there almost every day, giving hints and tips like this.


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