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Being totally confident at work. 

Knowing you’ve got what it takes to have difficult conversations, get your team motivated and address a room full of people without flinching.

Launching a new strategy or service without procrastinating or questioning every decision you make just in case it’s not right…

Being completely and utterly confident in who you are so you no longer take it to heart when someone gives you negative feedback.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, constantly questioning your abilities and berating yourself with

“I’m not good enough”…

…you have hope and unwavering belief that you can be successful!


Think about how that would change everything…

Paint the picture. You smile more. Youre cheerier and more relaxed with your loved ones…

Imagine the opportunities more money, promotions, connections! And how that would change your life.

Less arguments. Less scrimping to pay for things. More abundance.


You ARE cut out for being a leader. You CAN have that life that you see other people living.


You can have all that. Read on…


You CAN feel confident. All it requires is some reflection and understanding around some of the thought patterns and unconscious beliefs you have. Why you think the way you think. You need to do a bit of learning about how beliefs are created, shaped and reinforced and then some learning of powerful techniques to build back that self-belief.


Do that learning… and you will feel calm, confident, and sure of yourself. That optimism and confidence will rub off on your customers, your team and your family and friends – help them connect to you so much better and want to get to know you more.



You’re so close to that confidence, self-belief and renewed “success attitude”.

My in-person events, are designed to teach you confidence skills for life. Listen to my teaching; apply my techniques to your life and meet other women who can lift you up and be your new support network! – the reality of success can BE YOURS. No more procrastinating or staying stuck. Real, actionable steps are yours for the taking.


The tools and concepts I teach are simple to use and fast-working. All you need to do is book your ticket, sort out how you’re getting to Birmingham and turn up on the day with a can-do attitude!


I’m known for running creative, inspiring and participatory workshops.

There is NEVER any Powerpoint and everything is interactive!

Plus, lunch and refreshments are included too!

Choose from 2 event types:

Next event Saturday 16th May 2020

Can’t make it to Birmingham? Click here to do the online version instead.

Quarterly events to keep you on track!

Saturday 4th April 10am – 4pm – Nearly Full!

Saturday 11th July 10am – 4pm

Saturday 10th October 10am – 4pm

Say goodbye to your self-doubt and fear.

Success is yours.

I don’t say that lightly. It’s true.