Do You Have This Essential Ingredient In Your Business?

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There’s magic in women getting together. A magic that sometimes is a tiny sparkle or a whisper that flows on the wind. Other times it’s a magic so powerful it could move mountains.

I recently made the decision in my business that I don’t want to provide ‘off the shelf’ style e-courses with pre-recorded videos. Yes, they can create infinite recurring income potential but I need more than money in my life. I need connection. With real life human beings!

Whilst my coaching and programmes are online – I’m now looking at doing more in-person events as well.

In the past I’ve run a lot of retreats, away days, workshops and mental health support groups. There’s something special that happens when a group of women connect. It’s not just about a chance to chat, to let your emotions go, or to lower the wall of pretence you carry with you throughout your day. Sure, those things do happen (amidst many cakes and laughs!) but what actually happens during these events is deep. It’s raw. It’s special. And, it matters more than anything.


Women have connected in groups forever.

Some of the oldest evidence shows women meeting in circles over 300,000 years ago to practice spiritual rituals, care for their children and to prepare food for their community.

Women still meet in groups, and they change the world.

When you add a shared interest to the equation (like a lust to grow a successful business and be confident whilst doing it), and a deep desire to be the best you can be, overcome challenges and step up into self-belief – that’s when the magic happens. Connecting in a group brings an extra special ingredient you can never get from doing self-development work alone.


Some people call the magic female empowerment. Others call it a release or letting go. Some people call it being a hippie or a pagan! Some people call it madness. Some people call it bliss. Whatever it is, it works. It heals the soul. It relaxes the body. It calms the mind. It makes you feel connected and whole again.

I spend my days talking to people. I used to run workshops to help people heal, let go of pain in their past, realise their potential or uncover their strengths. The sharing of those experiences enhances it. A positive word, a knowing smile, and a squeeze of the shoulder makes it reality. People have left my workshops or retreats with genuine new friends. A weekend with likeminded people can heal even the deepest wounds. It’s the combination of nature-connection, a supportive environment and the feminine energy that does it. I miss it.

We need women in our lives. Women truly understand other women. We support each other because it’s in our blood to do that.

Unfortunately though there’s a lot of hatred out there. Media, advertising, and even the arts have been poisoned by the notion that there is a ‘perfect’ way to look, a ‘perfect’ body, a ‘perfect’ lifestyle. It’s bullshit. Its created a culture where we turn on each other.

If you do anything today, find some feminine connection. Be someone who lifts other women up. Be someone who supports, empowers and celebrates the women in your life. And the men too. Be bold, be brave and be authentic. Be proud and hold hands with us.

If you want more of this in your life, come along to my next event! All the details are on my Facebook Page here.

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