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What is ecotherapy?

We are nature. We’re not separate from it. We’re animals, with animal instinct and animal behaviours. We need the natural environment to survive. Ecotherapy recognises that as a species we are becoming more and more disconnected to home.

Pre-Industrial Revolution we lived in the midst of nature. We hunted and gathered, we lived in buildings made from natural materials. We were farmers, we made things and we lived in communities around campfires. We shared, we interacted and we cared for each other. We raised each others’ children, we looked after the sick and elderly and we had each others’ backs. We had to to survive. Our lives were determined by weather patterns, crop yields, the health of our animals and where the best shelter was. Life was hard, yes, but it was simpler too.

It’s only been since the Industrial Revolution that we’ve migrated towards city living. We now live in a world where we’re bombarded on a second by second basis by advertising, social media, electricity, tarmac, concrete and plastic. We live in high rise block of apartments and work in offices with strip lighting and no windows. I’ve even spoken to people where office plants are banned!


Our children are starved of the natural environment and us adults have forgotten how to play, how to feel freedom and we spending our working weeks longing and craving for the one week beach holiday or the annual ski trip.




Why is nature good for me? Take a read of the article I wrote for the Huffington Post to find out more:

Huffington Post – The Amazing Benefits of Nature by Hayley Gillard


I run a variety of ecotherapy services and events in Yorkshire.

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