How To Make Your Customers Love You

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The last week has been an interesting learning journey for me.


I’ve been understanding how vulnerability can help us connect more with our audience and potential customers.

I started something called Project Visibility on my Facebook page last week. I’ll tell you more about that in a sec… The reason being that I’ve recently had a coaching call with my business coach, and we talked about my conversion rate, which is pretty good, but how my email list size and my Facebook page size, means I’m only playing small with my income potential.

We talked about my need to reach more people as my next goal, because finally, I think I’m sorted with nailing what my products are (after many failed attempts!). It’s usually either one or the other that’s keeping you stuck (when it’s not your own confidence!).

Project Visibility is my pledge to show up authentically on Facebook live. The aim is to try and show you that it’s OK to just be unapologetically you. You don’t have to be polished, you can live stream from bed, and you don’t even need to brush your hair. I’m trying to say that people will connect with you when you’re just being YOU. Warts and all.



I’ve live-streamed every day so far, although I’m not committing to daily, so I can actually not stress out if I haven’t got anything to say! My own get out clause!

Some days have been easier than others. Sometimes I worry that I’ve got nothing insightful to say. Some days I worry no one will watch (and they don’t!) and some days I just go live without even thinking and they work out wonderfully.

I teach confidence and yet I am not immune to feeling fear! The essence of what I teach is not about being fearless. It’s not about removing fear or never feeling it again. It’s about learning to tolerate that fear.


Do I still worry I haven’t got anything valid to say? Yes!

Do I stress I’ve muddled my words up? Yes!

Do I think there are people out there that know more about confidence than me? Yes! Of course!


But. I don’t let it stop me.

The people who watch, like, and comment on my posts are doing so because they like ME. They like what I have to share and what I am teaching.

There’s loads of people who teach what I teach. There’s loads of people with coaching qualifications and business degrees. But they are not me.


There’s loads of Reiki practitioners. But they are not you.

There’s loads of jewellery makers. But they are not you.

There’s loads of parenting coaches. But they are not you.


Your customers are your customers because they like YOU. Your social media followers are your social media followers because they like YOU! Stop trying to be perfect. You don’t have to be perfect. In fact, PLEASE DON’T BE PERFECT! Just be you, imperfect and authentic and unapologetic.

I recently asked people in my Fear of Facebook Live course, to go and find someone they really admired in Facebook live videos. I asked them to report back to the group on who they liked and WHY. The aim was to learn some tips and skills from these people. Guess what? The common theme in what every single person said, was that the people they liked the most, were the ones who were real! It was the people who dropped their phone whilst talking on camera, the ones whose dogs were barking in the background, the ones who laughed at their own jokes and didn’t take themselves too seriously.

The theme? They were all being themselves!!


Be you, unapologetically. Everyone else is already taken.

You don’t need to justify yourself, improve yourself or be any different. Just show up exactly as you are. Some people will like you, some people won’t. That’s not yours to control.

To learn more about self-acceptance and so much more, come and join us in Self-Belief School. It’s my free Facebook community of likeminded female business owners, who’ve all recognised that to run a successful business you have to be confident and have self-belief!


Want to get better at being visible in your business? My next Fear of Facebook Live course starts soon!

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