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Boost Your Self-Belief to Build Your Business!


You doubt yourself. Compare yourself to others. Feel like it’s YOU that’s holding your business back.


leadership coachingI know you want “success” so badly but ALWAYS doubt if you can do it – Am I good enough? What if it’s all a waste of time? Everyone else can do it apart from me… Why is it taking me so long?

You worry people judge you or don’t like you, that you’re not a great leader and that you’re not assertive enough to succeed.

Everyone in your “friendpreneur” network tells you you’re amazing, you can do this – but those closest to you at home don’t get it – so they don’t encourage it. They doubt you. That makes you wonder if you’re actually cut out for the entrepreneur life at all.



You doubt but you also have hope. You’re judging yourself against all the corporate suits out there – that’s your world but your more fun, dynamic and creative than a black dress and jacket!

You repeat to yourself “I’m not good enough” then wonder, with hope, “but what if I am…?”


Imagine running your business with a clear mind, strong leadership skills, confidence and self-belief.

Hayley Gillard - coaching

Take a deep breath.

That’s you right there.

You’ve just read your future.



Confidence, self-belief and clarity are yours for the taking. I mean it!


You can learn to get out of your own way! You’re already taking the first steps by reading this! You’ve already acted to change the way you’re feeling by being here! Good on you!

Together we can reframe “I’m not good enough” into “I AM good enough – but better than that I AM achieving it, living my dream, and it’s consistently awesome!”

Imagine having belief, clarity, confidence and ACTUAL proof you are doing this – you’re being that successful entrepreneur!

You can show your partner, your parents and the people who doubt you that YOU ARE DOING THIS “so there!” (imagine sticking your middle finger up to them!!).

Your staff will look up to you as an assertive, successful leader. You’ll have a clear head, a clear plan and the confidence to move forward.  The absolute certainty you can release that inner chimp that bombards you with negative thoughts. No more procrastination and lack of motivation because you’ll know how to get past it all!

FEELING calm, confident and successful and BEING calm, confident and successful too! Imagine the difference it would make to your life! I mean it – stop right now, pause, and imagine what being calm, confident and successful would mean for your life.


You need a cheerleader – some accountability – someone to help you move past this.


Guess what! That’s where I come in!Confidence Coaching


I’m Hayley Gillard – official cheerleader, brain geek and lover of all things CONFIDENCE!


I’m here to wave my pom poms and cartwheel for you. I’ll be the person holding you accountable and moving you forward every single week. I’m really nice and I know this may feel super scary right now but I’ll hold your hand and be kind I promise!




Professional CoachingI have the qualifications AND the experience! I’m an accredited coach and a trainee psychologist. I have a business degree and I run two businesses! I’ve been a Director, a manager and an employee. Running a business confidently is MY THING!


I geek out on all things brain! I love teaching people about how our brain is processing our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. I do it in a fun, easy way, because understanding this stuff helps us to release the blockages that are holding our confidence captive. When you understand WHY you have your thoughts, you can thank them and send them on their way – making room for the positive ones that will grow your business!


I specialise in working with women business owners (because I am one!) who are stuck in the mud and doubting if they can do this (because I’ve been there!) and I help them transform into super-sparkly, confident and successful entrepreneurs. Sounds good huh!?



Coaching helps you gain confidence quickly, builds on your strengths and teaches you new techniques to grow.

All you need to do is show up, commit to working through this stuff and start taking action every single week.

If you do that, I’ll help you unravel all the muddled thoughts and beliefs and get you thinking positively and with confidence.

I use accredited and professional techniques and blend them with my upbeat, energetic personality. Coaching is fun! It’s exciting, not scary! We don’t need to drag up your past traumas, your previous pain or your hidden secrets! This isn’t therapy but the relief from talking to someone every week who’s GETS you is massive.

When you show up and commit to upgrading your mindset you’ll start thinking like a CEO! You’ll step up your confidence, your professionalism, your leadership and your results!


Don’t just take my word for it:

Hayley Gillard - coaching testimonial

Hayley Gillard - coaching testimonial



Let me calm your doubting mind for a second…!


“It’s a big initial outlay”  – that’s because I want you to commit to showing up and doing this – too cheap and you won’t value it or show up. You’re not just paying for an hour of my time, you’re paying for my years of experience, knowledge and learning too. You’re paying for working with someone who is insured, accredited, a member of a professional body and committed to ongoing professional development. Coaching is a claimable business expense. I’ll provide a full receipt.


“I’m not sure I have time for this” – we can schedule all your appointments in advance if that helps. Making time is critical because you’re the one who has to do the work – I’ll just be guiding you along that path.


“How does it work? I’m a technophobe!” – We use Skype. All you need is an internet connection. My whole booking process is automated. One you’ve completed payment all the information you need will be sent by email. If you’d prefer me to liaise with your personal assistant that’s fine too.


“What if people think I’m weak?” – Coaching is empowering, upbeat and positive. I’ll get you thinking, behaving and feeling like a CEO. There’s nothing weak about that. All successful business owners have help. Your business is not a one-woman crusade. Think of how much more successful you’ll be having someone to talk through your doubts with.


“What if I can’t change my self-belief” – My answer to you… but what if you can!? It’s my job to help you uncover your strengths, play to your core values and find your authentic voice. If I genuinely think there’s something deeper to work through I’ll let you know so I don’t waste your time or money. This issue has never been a problem yet.


“Do I need all these sessions?” – Yes – is the short answer! Not because I’m trying to trick you or make you progress slowly, but years of doing this has shown me that building rapport, trust and understanding grows over time. One we’ve cleared top-level beliefs, other problems will arise (that’s life!) and sometimes life will throw business curve balls too, so having a friendly face to chat through things with in a non-judgmental, non-biased way is essential.


It’s for you if:

  • You’ve had enough of being stuck! If fact maybe you’re even annoying yourself!
  • You need to grow your business and to do that you need to focus.
  • You doubt your leadership ability and question if you’re assertive enough to do this.
  • You WANT to make this work! You know there’s a glimmer in you even if sometimes it gets suppressed.
  • You’re ready to be held accountable and take action – no time wasters here.
  • You’re mentally healthy and able to reflect on where you’re at and move forward.
  • You’re up for transformation, for becoming a butterfly my dear!


Coaching is not for you if:

  • You’re currently mentally unwell. This is not therapy and I am not qualified to help you. I have to have very clear boundaries on this. Sorry.
  • Staying stuck is part of your identity. I’ve seen it. You have to be willing to move forward. Sometimes people stay stuck in victim mode and coaching is not right then.
  • You’re unwilling to invest in coaching or unwilling to show up each week.
  • You’re after a quick fix. The very nature of coaching is empowering but it’s not a quick 10 minute process!



Here’s how it works:


  • You don’t need to be a tech ninja to work with me!
  • After you hit the button below, you’ll complete an online form and complete payment.
  • I take payment in British pounds using Paypal.
  • Once you’ve paid, check your inbox and you should have confirmation from me – a welcome, a coaching agreement and a questionnaire. Check your junk folders in case the email is hiding there.
  • Complete the coaching agreement and questionnaire and send it back to me.
  • Once your forms are filled in and sent back to me, we’ll schedule a mutually convenient time for our first call.
  • The session takes place using Skype video. You’ll be on camera (as will I) and this allows me to see facial expressions, body language etc – essential for coaching.
  • Most people have weekly calls, but we can be flexible depending on how much support you need. Once your course of sessions has run out you can book again and not need to wait for a slot – you’ll have priority.



I’d love to be your cheerleader! I really hope we’ll be working together one to one soon!

If you have any questions at all just shout. (Link to email address).