You’re annoyed because petty office politics take up all your headspace.

When your staff don’t complete tasks on time, it’s easier to just do their job for them, rather than constantly explain yourself.

You’re struggling to keep your staff motivated and upbeat.

The fact they’re not hitting their objectives is now impacting your bottom line.

It’s time for that awkward conversation.

If you know your strength isn’t being assertive and confident, but you want to learn the skills to have those awkward conversations, motivate your staff and reach your goals then download my price guide here to work with me.


Being a female business owner and the

leader of a team of people is tough.

The people closest to you don’t understand that

you want to be nice and a good leader.

You worry they doubt you too.


Visualise everything running smoothly at work, you’d feel like you’re able to rest too.

Taking time off would no longer make you feel guilty.

You’d have freedom to switch the laptop off in the evenings because you’d have everything under control.

You could watch Netflix without worry and not rush getting the kids into bed anymore.



Coaching is empowering.

I’ll meet you wherever you’re at and we’ll talk about whatever is on your mind.

I’ll ask you questions to help you work things through and together we’ll come up with goals and actions you need to take to become a better leader – whilst ensuring we maintain your care and compassion for your team.


Working with me, you are not only getting a qualified, accredited, experienced coach, but you’re getting honesty, straight-talking and a great big virtual hug (or high five if you prefer) every time we’re in touch.

I’m real. I’m energetic. I’m passionate.

I’m your biggest supporter and I’ll always be there behind the scenes whenever you need me.

Coaching with me isn’t about having an hour booked in once a month – yes, we’ll have coaching calls scheduled in the diary – but you also get access to my encouragement and wisdom whenever you need it.

I’ll be sitting in your back pocket!



Hayley Gillard - coaching testimonial




Does having a coach mean I’m weak?

Ask any of the top entrepreneurs and they will tell you they couldn’t have got to where they are without a coach. Coaching is empowering. Hiring a coach means you have ambition – that you’re willing to move obstacles out of your way in order to succeed. Hiring a coach means you recognise that you have to be at optimal mindset in order to lead. That shows strength, determination and resilience, not weakness!


What technology do we use?

Our one to one calls take place on Skype and we use an app called Voxer to keep in touch. I will send you details for using both of these if you need it. Both are free. Skype allows us to video call each other and Voxer works like a walkie talkie. It records little short voice clips and means we can work things through quicker.


How much time can I have with you?

That’s up to you! My price includes being flexible. Some months you’ll want more support than others. We can have a Skype call once a month or once a week depending on what we agree you need. You can Voxer me sporadically or every week day if you need it! I set really good personal boundaries so even if you Voxer me in the middle of the night to empty your head, I will reply when I’m next working. I don’t use Voxer at weekends and I’ll make sure we both know when each other’s holidays are so we respect our personal lives too.


What’s the benefit of working with you for 3-12months?

Rome wasn’t built in a day! If I could come in and fix your business, make you confident and motivate your team in one hour, I’d be a very rich woman indeed! Coaching is about setting goals and taking actions steps towards them. Years of doing this has shown me that the best confidence results come as a result of building our relationship over time. Building rapport, trust and understanding grows the more we chat. We can work together through a one-off project or something that’s holding you back, or after your time with me is up, you can renew, and we can keep going. Our coaching will change and evolve in the same way you and your business does.





Book a No-Obligation Consultation Call

Working with a new coach can be daunting.

That’s exactly why I do a no-obligation consultation call first.

You need to see if we gel, you need to see if you like me! I need to see if I can help you.

I only work with people who are willing to address their self-confidence. I’m not here to rescue you.

We have to meet in the middle and I won’t waste your time or money if I think someone else could help you more.

I want you to get results because it makes me feel and look good too!

I don’t look like a very good coach if I’m taking on people who then don’t achieve their goals do I?!

If you like what you get from your consultation call, we can go from there and book you in properly.