CEO Yourself

Allow me to introduce CEO YOURSELF…

You’re doing OKAY in business… but you know you can do better.

You want more efficiency, more accountability… more money!

You want to view business challenges as exactly that – challenges, rather than always questioning if you’re good enough to be an entrepreneur.

You’re doing ALRIGHT but you still have those niggling doubts and worry about whether you’re assertive/clever/good enough to be successful.

You’ve sold products and services, but you want to get your business to the next level.

You KNOW your own mindset is the key to being able to do this. If you could let go of the self-doubt, the lack of confidence and the fear of what other people think you’d be flying…


As a small private group, we’ll work together to overcome business challenges, grow in confidence, self-esteem and motivation. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off people who are like-minded and in the same boat. You’ll have my training, my support and my undivided attention.

You’ll be in my inner circle and you’ll get my straight-talking, my insight and reflections and my lessons, directly helping YOU and YOUR business.


Think about how much better you’d feel, and how much more income you’d make it you had accountability, regular reflection time and all the tools you need to get out your own way and make the business you’re running as successful as you KNOW it can be!


It’s the chance to give your confidence the lucky break it deserves.

It’s your opportunity to grow your business with a close set of people as your cheerleaders.

It’s one to one coaching from me, as well as training you can use immediately to boost your self-belief.

It’s understanding, its acceptance, it’s a breath of fresh air.

You can let go of the self-doubt now.

You’re about to CEO Yourself!


It’s not a training course.

It’s not a drown-your-sorrows pity party.


It’s not fluffy or woo woo.

It’s not for commitment-phobes or people who are only ‘playing’ at business.

It’s for business owners who are consistently making over £1000 a month in sales.

It’s real life, straight talking, action taking.

You’ll be moving blocks out the way of your dreams.

You’ll be solving problems, facing things head on and growing so much.



How does it work?

Action Learning

Every month there will be a live coaching call as a whole group. Everyone is expected to attend. You will get the chance to share a current business challenge you are facing with the group. After some clever questioning to help you reflect on your options, the group will also share their combined expertise, so you leave the call with a well-rounded solution. You will also participate in helping other mastermind members with their challenges.



Never underestimate the power of accountability. The group is kept small deliberately so its private and you can really build connections. You can share your progress and have people celebrate with you who actually understand what it means to make a sale! You can fluster, you can bumble and you can cry… all I ask is that you don’t do it alone! Having cheerleaders is the number one thing that has helped me get to where I am today in my business.


One to One Calls

CEO Yourself includes two one hour one to one calls with me a month! In these calls, I will give you and your business my full attention. We can discuss the things that are coming up as a result of the lessons and action learning in the mastermind, or something else entirely. They are your sessions you can use them how you would like to.

If you’re interested I’d love you to join me. I don’t just want anyone with a business in this, only those who are willing, ready and determined to make their business a success through overcoming their mindset blocks.

Spaces are limited to 10 to ensure an in-depth, intimate, personalised, learning experience. You will be my main focus in my business for the next 6 months and the place where I will be providing the most service, feedback and energy

Henriette Faulkenau (when I asked her why she joined!):

“I was looking for a Mastermind to join as I’ve worked out recently that you can’t go big on your own (surprise, surprise!) and you need people to lean on during the journey. The results from the Fear of Facebook Live course you ran, were mind-blowing for me. Being with all the ladies in one group gave me a big push to step out of my comfort zone into a new one, and I know that success is basically 90%+ mindset. I am done with the idea that I will have to work even harder as my own boss. Plus, I really need accountability partners – because if I’m great at something on my own it’s finding excuses! It’s more embarrassing to have excuses in front of others, so that will make me get my business out there. You were setting challenges in the Fear of Facebook Live course that worked brilliantly for me – I need someone to give me tasks that will move me forward.”


Doors are reopening in Summer 2020!

To be notified in advance when the doors next open you can add your name to the wait list below.

Spaces on CEO Yourself are limited to 10 and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.