How To Be Confident, TODAY!

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Can what you wear really impact your confidence?

Does a splash of lipstick really make a difference?

Will your fave earrings make you happier?


Hear me out…

I’ve known an amazing woman called Anna for about three years now. Anna is a Personal Style and Image Consultant at AnnaMewes.com.


Most of Anna’s clients come to her because they want to feel confident, grow in self-esteem and look good to feel good. Now, whilst I LOVE clothes and makeup, I’ve always been a bit of a sceptic about fashion – I just don’t care about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up to go out for dinner and I love colours and fabrics and patterns and expressing my personality through what I wear, but I always thought personal styling was a bit materialistic and reserved for the rich if I’m honest.

Oh, how wrong I was!

A couple of years ago for my 30th birthday I booked a full day with Anna. She worked out what colours suited me best, what my body shape was and how I could dress to compliment it, and we also did a wardrobe detox. I loved the day so much but what I loved even more was what changed in my head!

Here’s the thing…

We get told by society that to buy new things is wasteful, we get told that shopping is frivolous and that it’s unpleasant to brag about how wearing something makes you feel fabulous. Sure, when it’s viewed from a surface level perspective it is, but actually, what happens when you wear something wonderful…? You feel wonderful.

Anna shows people how to dress, yes. But Anna also gives people power. Power to feel great, power to release their inner goddess, power to be resilient, power to rock the world.

Now that, my friends, is genius.

When you’re feeling down, you probably dress in comfy clothes, go make up free and don’t brush your hair. Well, I used to anyway! Do you sit at your desk in your yoga pants and worn out jumper? That creates a circle of feeling rubbish! You look in the mirror and re-affirm to yourself that you feel down, you rub salt in the wounds of your problems.

All you need to do to boost your confidence (and I’m serious this WORKS – I am a tried and tested guinea pig) is put on something that you feel great in!

Try it now…


So my question to you is…

What can you do or wear today that makes you feel good?

How can you shine your personality through what you wear?

Here’s some ideas – put on a colourful scarf, paint your nails, wear a slick of bright lipstick, blow dry your hair, wear those heels, get your bangles out, wear a wild belt!

Seriously, it’s a really easy way to boost your self-esteem and confidence. It doesn’t have to cost anything and you’ll start the cycle of looking great, feeling great. Do it for YOU. Wear that expensive ring because YOU love it, even if you don’t leave the house today and no-one sees it. Curl your hair for YOU, even if you’re just working from home.

I’d love to see your photos and hear about how you’re feeling. Feel free to share them in Self-Belief School  – I’ll be interviewing Anna live too in a few weeks.

You can translate this feeling good into your business branding too. I love necklaces, earrings and lipstick. I always wear the colours that Anna showed me suited me. That means when I do Facebook Live, record videos for my courses or talk at my events I FEEL confident. That has a massive impact and leaves me feeling great, raring to go and I then shine more.

To take the next step in your confidence journey you’ll love my upcoming event Forever Confident. I’ll be sharing the neuroscience behind how to improve your confidence, some strategies to improve your confidence today, simple take anywhere tools and teach how to get go of the past. PLUS! Everyone who attends gets a free headshot! You can book your space here.

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