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I read a really good book recently. It was recommended to me by one of my mentors and I love it. You know when you first pick up a book and know immediately that you’re going to love it!

It’s Into The Magic Shop by James R. Doty.

James, or Jim as he is known in the book is a neurosurgeon in the USA and the book is his story of how he first learnt about magic. As a 12 year old boy growing up in poverty, with constant worries about his father who was an alcoholic and his mother who was suicidal, he was essentially mentored by a family who owned a magic tricks shop in his local town. What you soon learn is that actually it’s not card tricks and sleight of hand that he’s learning, but he is being taught meditation and mindfulness and positive thinking. This allows Jim to see that he is capable of achieving whatever he sets his mind to, happiness, love and a future he wants.  As a 12 year old, Jim believes his family’s unhappiness is his fault, he believes he will never go to college or never achieve anything in life. During the school summer holidays Jim practices mindfulness multiple times a day and really learns to train his brain.


Magic Tricks

What I love is the fact the book is written by a neurosurgeon. A medical professional who is advocating the use of mindfulness and meditation. He talks about how breathing techniques help him before every brain surgery. He talks about how knowing how to let his body totally relax after a 9 hour intense operation is essential for maintaining his health. He talks about how thinking positively means he is combating stress and really connecting with people.


I’m telling you this for 2 reasons.

1 – I want you to read the book! It’s great! An easy read and one that gives a real life story of how you can totally change your life if you just want to.

2 – I want you to know that if you want something enough you can do it. I mean it. I’m not spiritual or into the law of attraction (that’s just my personal opinion, I know many of you will be) but neuroplasticity, (the term used to describe the fact the brain is ever-changing, that we can strengthen parts and other parts will weaken), is something available to everyone. You can literally change your brain.


Do you want to change something about your life?

This week, is the final week of my launch before we start CEO Yourself, my 6 month confidence coaching experience. I’m ironing out the dates for the group coaching calls, booking in the one to one sessions, and pre-recording the training you’ll be sent once a month.

CEO Yourself is an immersive group mastermind focused on helping you step out of the fear of failure, worry about what others’ think and the imposter syndrome that holds you back.

I’ll be working with a small group of women directly on their business and mindset.

The very first call will be looking at what’s holding us back, how we are influenced by our past and how we can acknowledge our bad mindset habits but draw a line in the sand and move forward. Participants will be asked during our coaching calls to consider the ‘future’ them. What will she look like? Who will she have around her? How will she feel? What will she be doing? The aim then is to spend the next 6 months getting people there.


I have a challenge for you…

Ask yourself the same thing. Where do you want to be in 6 months? What do you want to have achieved? Go on, take a pause, close your eyes and imagine it.

And now here’s the thing. You can do it. You can be it.

Come and join us in CEO Yourself if you want me to help you, one to one, to achieve it. You’ll also get the chance to work with 9 other amazing business women and learn confidence strategies. In just 4 HOURS A MONTH! Other than our group and one to one calls, you’ll just be going about your every day business – it’s just you’ll be doing it with new reflection, new action and new vigour. This is not about a massive time commitment. It’s about massive confidence.


Mindset Kicks

Remember that old saying your teachers used to say: “there’s no such thing as can’t!” –  well, they were right! “Can’t” means either “it’s hard” or “I don’t want to”. So if you consider your version of the future you, and think “I can’t”, I want to you think about whether that’s because it’s hard or you don’t want to for some reason.

I can help you with that luckily, coaching and NLP is all about rewiring the brain and realising your strengths in order to achieve the things you want. I bring my years’ of experience as a trainer and a business leader, along with my qualifications in business, leadership and coaching to help you finally release your mindset blocks and be successful.

And, my final point is that if you want to do something, I mean genuinely, absolutely want to do something, then you’ll do it. Your determination will make sure of it. People didn’t become successful CEO’s by fluke. People don’t have happy relationships by luck. They work hard. They want something so badly that not having it isn’t an option. If you want to be the future you enough, you’ll take action to get there. It might be hard, it might be challenging, it might hurt, it might take time, it might cost a lot, but ultimately if you want it enough you’ll find a way.

Get in touch, if you want some help achieving your dreams! You can do it. I believe 1000% if you want it enough you’ll achieve it.

CEO Yourself starts on 3rd June. There is only 10 spaces. Find out more and join here.

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Sharon · 5th June 2019 at 4:03 pm

It’s a fabulous book! I read it a year or so ago – as a former scientist I was hooked! Thanks for reminding me about it – I will have to read it again!

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