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Scared to use Facebook Live? Terrified of having an awkward conversation? Sick of feeling like you're not good enough? You're in the right place my friend!

Self-Belief School

Join my free Facebook community of motivated female business owners. I'll help you take the first steps in understanding your mindset and growing your confidence. A private, safe, supportive space with weekly training and live Q&A.

One to One Coaching

You doubt yourself. Compare yourself to others. Are terrified of visibility and worry you're doing it wrong. You feel like it’s YOU that’s holding your business back. Imagine running your business with confidence and self-belief. Click here to find out more.

Fear Of Facebook Live

If you know using video will grow your social media accounts, build know, like and trust factor with your clients and increase your visibility and sales, but you're terrified of going live, this is the programme that will give you the confidence to get VISIBLE.

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Lovely Client Feedback

Don't just take my word for it! Here's some happy clients!
Kate Krachai

Kate Krachai

Founder - Instead Consulting

"Hayley is an exceptional coach and mentor. I started to work with her when I felt, as a business owner, I needed some development of my own and a sounding board to help me find my own path, explore options and make decisions that were right for me. Hayley helped me to do all of this. She is flexible, friendly and I find her inspiring to work with. I end all of our coaching sessions with energy and vigour. She helps me to devote time to myself and to my business which is invaluable for work and life balance. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Ailie Fan

Ailie Fan

Director - Study Links

"I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I think it’s because all the other advice I’m following is about how to run the business, but it doesn’t get to the root of the area to develop, which is myself. This session gave me hope.
Hayley very quickly sent a wrap up of the session with my homework and tips. This made me feel like my own development and self-confidence was a priority to someone out there, which was really nice. Thank you. Sincerely, thank you."

Sarah Shay

Sarah Shay

Founder - Shayping

"Everybody needs a coach! Even though I am a coach myself it has been hugely valuable for me having Hayley as my coach. Everyone has things they need to talk through, decisions to be made, paths to be decided upon and goals to reach. Hayley has been described as "warm" and she really is a lovely and energetic person. Don't mistake warmth for fluffiness though, as she knows how to challenge you, challenge your thinking and your actions. It is this great combination of her personality and skill as a coach that makes her someone I would strongly recommend."


Tools, tips and ideas to help you manage staff effectively, feel confident and grow as a leader and business owner.