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Why nature?!

I must admit I’m a big nature fan. I realise this will not come as a shock to any of you who know me, especially since I actually call myself an “Ecotherapist” and am often found walking barefoot in the Yorkshire hills, toasting marshmallows and building dens! I’m also a big advocate of Winter and rain and all those other things people moan about this time of year, like grey skies and dark nights! I love teaching people how to connect with nature, whether that’s through my aromatherapy natural skincare classes at my local Women’s Centre, through my blogs and online masterclasses, through my one to one coaching or through working with organisations on team away days out in the woods. I love nature. There I said it.

But why nature?! Why nature specifically.

Well there’s a story here, so grab a brew and listen up. Here goes:

About 4 years ago, I went through a really rough patch in my life. I experienced a relationship breakdown, lost my best friend, my health suffered, I became uninspired by work (and life), moved house and met my (now) husband all in a REALLY short space of time. I completely and totally burnt out. I put on a brave face when I was outside but everything inside me screamed for my need to stay in my bed where I was comfortable and felt at least a tiny bit human. My doctor diagnosed anxiety and depression. It was inevitable. But it sparked something inside of me.

For my whole life I have helped other people. At age 12 I helped a friend overcome a phobia, at age 14 I supported a friend to stop self-harming, at age 16 I was voted School Counsellor for my year group, at age 17 I became a holistic therapist to support people to manage stress, at age 21 I joined an organisation who supported homeless people, at age 24 I was managing an employment service for people with criminal records, at age 26 I needed to help myself. That’s what I realised sitting there in that Doctor’s surgery. I knew I needed to help myself.

I had a pretty good track record by this point. I knew how to help people so I knew how to help myself. I gave myself what I needed. I decided to do more things that made me happy.

A theme came up – I love walking my dog, I love skiing, I love sunbathing with a good book, I love picnics, I love blowing the cobwebs out on cliff top walks, I love camping. The theme? Nature! Everything that filled me with joy, gave me happiness or made me feel alive had the outdoors at the heart of it.

I then took action. I threw myself into books, training courses, lectures, programmes, work experience and learning. At age 30, today, I am still helping people and now nature is at the heart of that.

I believe that nature can heal us. I also believe nature is absolutely essential to our emotional health. There is loads of research on the benefits of being in nature and loads of ways that you can connect with nature. Nature helps us be creative, resilience, inspired, relaxed, excited, engaged. I work therapeutically outdoors so you can experience all of that whilst working on boosting your self-belief, healing negative doubts, increasing your confidence and getting unstuck too. I work with people who feel stressed out and burnt out and I also work with people who have goals and ambitions and want to live their life with sparkle and zest.

If you’re interested in working with me therapeutically in nature then you’ll be interested in my one to one coaching (I also coach via skype), my nature weekend retreats and my team away days in Yorkshire. I’m looking forward to spending a day in the woods with you soon.

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