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What on earth is an ecotherapy retreat!?

Ecotherapy Retreat Hayley Gillard

Last month I launched my new 2018 events.

Exciting bushcraft days, relaxing craft retreats and weekends full of wellbeing. Anyone who follows my social media accounts or reads my weekly newsletters will know I use the job title Ecotherapist and run outdoor woodland based events but if you’re new to my blog you may be wondering what on earth all this ecotherapy talk is all about!

It’s simple really. Eco = outdoors or environment based and therapy = just that!

So basically, I work with people therapeutically to overcome stress, burnout, anxiety and depression using life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness and counselling skills using nature as inspiration. My therapy room is the woodland.

Why? I talked about this in a recent blog which you can read here.

Nature is so good for us.

I’ve written many articles on the power of nature on our mental health.

You can read two of them here which I wrote for the Huffington Post.

How Nature Improves Your Mental Health

The Amazing Benefits of Being Outside

Who is all this for? Will it benefit me?

I work with both individuals and companies.

I run woodland based team away days for companies who care about the wellbeing of their staff and want to improve rapport, connection and communication. And I also work with individuals. Usually women between the ages of 25 and 60 but that’s just based on my usual clients, rather than it being a rule. Generally people feel bored with their life, in total need of relaxation and time out, stuck in a rut or in need or a battery re-charge.

So what actually happens in the woods?!


We get together, make a campfire and do activities that help us to relax. That could mean barefoot walking, natural art, bushcraft, having a cookout, foraging, den building, making crafts, creating natural skincare products, meditating under the trees and loads more.

In this video I made last Halloween (excuse the themed filter at the beginning!!) I give you the full picture on what happens at an ecotherapy event.

What on earth happens on an ecotherapy retreat?!

Posted by Hayley Gillard – Ecotherapist on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

If you think being outside and spending some time with like-minded people amongst the trees relaxing and having fun could benefit you then do get in touch or have a look at my upcoming events here.

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