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Do you feel a void where your life once was?

Do you long for the good old days when you were care free?

Have you forgotten what drives and motivates you because it’s lost under the commitments of work and being a mum?

Have you taken many ‘self-development’ routes but ended up even more stuck than you were before?

Here’s what people don’t tell you.

You can have a million coaching sessions, read thousands of books and attend hundreds of retreats but none of it will truly impact you unless you truly know who you are. Before any life transformation you want to achieve, any feelings of clarity, purpose or understanding you desire, or any long-lasting feelings of energy and motivation of a life you love – you must first have an understanding of who you are.

At the heart of what I teach is self-awareness.

The women who come on my retreats take training in self-awareness as part of their programme. I want people to have relaxing breaks but I want them to take away knowledge and understanding and learning more importantly. Understanding who you are, what drives you and what your core beliefs and values are changes everything.

How this can help you:

After coaching hundreds of women in my career, I know that ‘understanding who I am’ is something that is always absolutely integral to success and improved confidence.

That’s why I’ve taken all my teaching and all the techniques that get my clients awesome results and turned it into a 4 week programme.

If you’re stuck, lost and have forgotten who you are underneath then this is for you.

If you’ve lost your connection with the world, lost your sparkle or lost your motivation, then this is for you.

If you feel lacking in confidence, self-belief or inner peace then this is for you.


Understanding who you are will:
• Allow you to be true to YOU! Be authentic, living life with a calming ease, reducing the stress that pretence brings.
• Help you to understand what drives you, motivates you, gets you fired up or annoys you deep down. With this understanding you’ll be more present with your children (no more snapping or flaring anger or guilt for not being there), have better relationships and enjoy work more fully.
• Enable you to build an inner confidence, self-acceptance and excitement knowing your strengths, values and beliefs.
• Help you to reduce worry and anxiety, manage stressful situations better and learn why you behave in certain ways so you can prevent and reduce stressful situations in the future.
• Develop an inner strength, a feeling of being vibrant, an internal energy and zest of life.

You’ll learn total mindset shifts about how to deal with stress, how to react to situations and how to change negative thought patterns into positive ones that feel great and really serve you. I’ll also teach you to use your learning in practical ways to improve your relationships, work life and home life.

Here’s how it works:

The programme is broken down into bite size chunks. 8 modules in total with a bonus module too.
There’s no log-ins or passwords to remember you’ll get two video trainings a week sent directly to your inbox. The programme will therefore take place over 5 weeks.

Module 1 – Where are you now and where do you want to be? Reflections and planning.
Module 2 – Core values and how these guide our way. How using these helps you navigate the world.
Module 3 – Your strengths and how to play to them, make the most of them and love them!
Module 4 – Reactions. We’ll dive deeper into love, stress and compliments.
Module 5 – The impact we have on other people, and how other people impact on us.
Module 6 – Communication – and how to make this a strength to improve all areas of your life.
Module 7 – Self-belief and being authentic – essential tools for wellbeing.
Module 8 – Self- awareness. How does knowing all who you are impact your life?
Bonus Module 1 – Reducing negative thought patterns.
Bonus Module 2 – Eliminate that self-talk that doesn’t serve you.

This programme is going LIVE ON MONDAY 12th JUNE 2017.
Reserve your space right now and start living a life you love for £197.00 or 4 x monthly payments of £50.

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