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A Tribe of Like-Minded Women

Have you lost your sparkle and forgotten what it feels like to be you?
Do you know there’s more to life but have let the daily grind take over?
Are you sick of living your life for everyone else and long to remember who you are?

You need some female connection! For thousands of years women have gathered together to cook, heal, care for children, talk together and be at the heart of their communities. We used to live in a world where each and every woman had a tribe of women behind her who had her back, supported her, laughed with her, cried with her and was there for her no matter what.

We spent our days round campfires and our nights under the stars. We had a deep connection to the natural world and could read the Earth as our sister. I’m recreating this connection. Connection with self, with our sisters and with our planet. Through my events, retreats and online programmes I am helping women connect and realise their power. 

Wellbeing and Wellies is my FREE facebook group for women who need more feminine connection in their life, more support, shared strength and more nature. You’d be more than welcome.

I’m often quoted as saying “self care is not selfish. Self care is essential.” And that is the essence of my Wellbeing and Wellies group.

We exist to support each other put our own oxygen mask on first. We exist to breathe love back into our planet. We exist to share our stories, our passions and our future.

So if you’re ready to look after yourself but you need some help – join!
If you want to feel vibrant again, full of energy and sparkle – join!
If you want to remember what it feels like to be you again – join!
If you want to relax properly, feel connected to your partner and be there for your kids – join!

Something magical happens when a group of women get together. We can navigate the stresses of the world together, we share our burdens and support each other and we connect and get a deep emotional feeling of wellbeing.

Come over and join the Tribe.

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