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Tidy House, Tidy Mind

Tidy House Tidy Mind www.hayleygillard.com

Help!!! My whole house is a mess!

We’re renovating and it feels like everything is everywhere and nothing is getting done! I’m exaggerating of course, but the upheaval of contractors coming in and out of my house, paint samples covering every wall, dust an inch thick on every surface from things being knocked down and torn out, and the jam-packed feeling of every room whilst we juggle furniture amongst the chaos, feels a bit overwhelming!


Last night I posted this picture in a Facebook group.Tidy House Tidy Mind www.hayleygillard.com


I asked people whether they felt there was a link between a tidy, uncluttered and clean house and wellbeing. The answer was a resounding YES!

Here’s some of their comments:

“I need a clean and tidy place or I get stressed out and spend too much time cleaning up. It’s hard with two grown up kids here.”

“I can’t function at all unless the house is clean and tidy, floors washed etc. Probably why I get so little done during the day.”

“For me, clean and tidy is essential. I feel quite stressed when things are out of place or messy. I’m a minimal person too… not a fan of a lot of stuff or clutter. I need to see and feel space. My home is my sanctuary.”

“I know it certainly makes me feel a bit antsy, unsettled and irritable. As a therapist who helps people deal with stress, it certainly feels like I need to take some of my own advice! Interestingly, clutter and tidiness comes up a lot in my one to one coaching sessions. Often people feel totally overwhelmed by their life because all they can see is chaos and mess. Actually, having a clear and clean space to relax in is ESSENTIAL for your wellbeing. I often talk about decluttering in coaching before you can move forward and work on the deeper stuff”

In her book, A Year of Living Danishly, journalist Helen Russell, uncovers research that shows why the Danes consistently get voted in the top 3 happiest nations. Much of it has to do with the home. The Danes are renowned for hygge (the art of cosyness), beautiful furniture, and artistic houses and say that a comfortable living environment that inspires you, is essential to wellbeing.

Of course, no blog on a tidy house would be complete without a reference to Marie Kondo. Her whole ethos is about addressing the things within the house in order to create more order in the mind. Marie uses her KonMari method to declutter the home. Effectively she asks people to only keep things that have a purpose or brings joy.  You can find out more here.

If the amount of clutter in your home is increasing and you find it really difficult to throw things away, or if the amount of stuff in your house is becoming a serious problem, you may want some additional support. Mind offer some great advice to help here.

My Top Tips:

1. Check in. Is your house causing you stress? How does it feel when you walk in? Do you notice how much you love being in that comfortable and homely space or does it feel cluttered and stressful? Self-awareness is always step one.

2. Take action – but don’t eat the elephant all in one go! Break down what feels like a mammoth task into smaller goals. Start small. Do one drawer or one box at a time. Bit by bit you’ll start to feel amazing and love your home again AND get a clearer and less-stressed mind.

3. Focus on how you will feel once your home is a beautiful, clean and clutter free space. Use this feeling as your motivation.

4. Get to know the incredible Heather Craig from Adore Your Home. Heather is an interior designer and she teaches her skills in her blogs, free resources and programmes. I 100% recommend her.

I’m really excited to say that September in The Retreat is all about FENG SHUI!  We’re joined by the incredible Patricia Lohan who will be helping us bring more energy, clarity and positivity into our homes.

Ignite & Glow, my online membership club is a place to prioritise your wellbeing. You’ll get access to guest experts to help you build relaxation into your everyday life in an easy and step by step way. You’ll get weekly live coaching training with me to work on your mindset. You’ll be part of an incredible community of like-minded women who will support you on your journey. Come and have a look.

3 Responsesso far.

  1. Nicky Khoshdel says:

    Great tips!
    I have read both Marie’s book ( decluttering) and I’m a big fan of Hygge.
    It is really important to make our homes sensual, pleasing to the eye, warm and scented so we can relax in them.
    Subconsciously we are building a nest for our babies!

  2. Viv kerry says:

    A lovely blog Hayley. I am a firm believer in de-cluttering I try to carry this out every two years (its the military back ground in me) but my senses feel so much better and clearer.plus the house looks tidier xx

  3. One drawer at a time. So very true. Sometimes I feel like all of the projects are overwhelming me and I so I don’t start. Thanks for the great reminder!

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