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A retreat… but with a difference!


We all crave the peaceful skies, nourishing food, tranquil sleep and gentle ease that a retreat brings. The feeling of rejuvenation, thorough relaxation and replenishing our energy. A chance to catch up with our selves, nurture our body and mind and take stock of where we’re at.

Life is busy, life is chaotic, life can be stressful – we all want the escapism and luxury that time away can give us.

But, sometimes going on a retreat is just not that practical. It costs money of course, then there’s the question of time and how you’re going to fit it in, you’d maybe even feel guilty leaving the kids/partner/work etc. whilst you go swanning off. I get it!

I love going on retreats, I love running retreats – heck I love everything about retreats. But going on retreat every week? Just not going to happen! But, unfortunately, more than ever we need a retreat.

You’re busy.

You’re stressed out.

Life is slipping between your fingers.

You get snappy and irritable, you’re always tired and long for the simple life.

You love the idea of being calmer.

You want to look after your body and mind.

You crave nourishment and kindness.

You deserve it.


Well, I can help. Running retreats is my thing! But this is a retreat with a difference.

Welcome, ladies… to The Retreat. Your online membership club!

  • Monthly themes to boost your wellbeing (yoga, sleep, meditation, aromatherapy, body confidence, playfulness and so many more)
  • Featured leading wellness experts in conversation, providing advice, inspiration and guidance to boost your wellness
  • Practical tips and tutorials, live Q&A, an interactive community
  • A private Facebook group to meet other likeminded women (a core part of people’s reason to go on retreat is to be around other people who understand them), ask advice, take challenges and celebrate.


The Retreat online membership club will:

Give you inspiration, support, guidance and ideas.

Make relaxation and wellbeing a central part of your life.

Support you to feel more energetic, more alive and more present.

Help you to manage stress, becoming more resilient in difficult situations.

Grow friendships, meet other likeminded women and provide a support network.

Provide a safe place to nourish yourself, grow, expand and develop.

Give you daily access to me, my coaching, my trainings and exclusive Facebook lives.


How does it work?

Sign up below to receive:

  • Weekly emails with videos, trainings, inspiration and activities. I keep you committed and on track!
  • Everything uploaded into an online portal you can access from anywhere at your convenience.
  • Immediate access to the private Facebook community for support, friendship and challenges!
  • Monthly billing, no contract, cancel whenever you want no questions asked.
  • Lock yourself in that price! When I raise my prices, you will stay at the price you joined at.

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