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Why nature?!


I must admit I’m a big nature fan. I realise this will not come as a shock to any of you who know me, especially since I actually call myself an “Ecotherapist” and am often found walking barefoot in the Yorkshire hills, toasting marshmallows and building dens! I’m also a big advocate of Winter and […]

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The Burn-Out Epidemic – and what you can do about it.


This is something I talk about A LOT. I talk about it a lot because it’s a subject really close to my heart. I’ve burnt out more than once myself so not only is my professional life dedicated to helping people prevent this from happening, my fascination with this subject is based on my own […]

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The Amazing Benefits of Being Outdoors


There are loads of amazing benefits to being out in nature and in this blog I’m going to explore some of them. As an Ecotherapist I do lots of my coaching outside, I take organisations outside to improve their employees mental health and I do all my best thinking outside! We all know some of […]

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