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Have you lost your sparkle and forgotten what it feels like to be you?

Are you sick of having too much on your to-do list and no time to do it?

Do you hate that you have no time for yourself anymore?

I know that you can’t switch off. I know that you find it really difficult to relax and take time out. I know it’s because you have no time and even if you can snatch a bit of time, you feel guilty because you should be doing the housework, entertaining the kids, supporting your partner or de-cluttering.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be able to do all of that with ease? Imagine not having to juggle plates any more and feeling like you could drop one and smash it at any second?

Instead of feeling snappy, exhausted and getting wound up and angry easily, can you imagine feeling peaceful, in control, relaxed and totally present in all of your life?

I can help! In my Be Vibrant programme I’m going to teach you the importance of self love, the importance of considering your own wellbeing and putting your own wellness first- whilst actually IMPROVING how present and fabulous you are in your role as mum, partner, employee, home maker, entertainer, friend, daughter, sister…

Yep, no more guilt – you’ll be looking after yourself AND you’ll be being amazing for others too.

My strategies can help you:

  • Be more present with your children (no more snapping or flaring anger or guilt for not being there)
  • Feel completely connected to your partner (no more gripy arguments, going to bed feeling angry or sad)
  • Improve your focus and productivity, spend your days feeling energetic so you then have time to spend how you want to
  • Free up time to help you to spend on things you really want to do.
  • To make lasting change to your wellbeing (this programme IS NOT full of tonnes of ideas to relax, you already know know having a bubble bath and a chamomile tea is good for you!)

You’ll learn total mindset shifts about how to deal with stress, how to react to situations and how to change negative thought patterns into positive ones that feel great and really serve you. I’ll also teach you to enjoy the present, reduce worry, improve your sleep, and relax your anxieties.

Sounds great doesn’t it! But why should you listen to me?!

Gillard_13_LRI’m Hayley Gillard, an Ecotherapist and the founder of a social enterprise that uses nature as therapy. I’m a Life Coach and Holistic Therapist and help women to make lasting changes to their wellbeing. I specialise in overwhelm and burn out.  I’ve burnt out more than once myself and now I’m on a mission to support women to live their lives from a place of self care so they never have to go through what I did. I’ve been featured in the Guardian as a mindfulness expert, regularly talk nationally about overwhelm and have worked in the health and wellbeing sector for over a decade.

Let’s do this!

It’s time to start putting you first! Don’t worry. I know you feel like you don’t have time. That’s why I’ve deliberately created this programme as a series of short quick videos and audios. You can access them from your phone, tablet, or computer and can listen to them at home or even on your commute to work, or whilst walking the dog! Modules are released weekly to avoid this overwhelming you too and you can listen to them all at once or bit by bit each day.

Don’t worry if never done an online course before. It’s easy. I’ll take you through step by step, direct links all you need is the internet. You’ll be invited to a facebook group which is safe place where you can ask for support, cry, laugh, fall apart or glow. A community of best friends who’ve never met. Your network of women who care. Women who will hold your hand. Women who’ve got your back. I’ll be in there every day.

Let’s banish feeling guilty. You absolutely deserve this.

We all know the oxygen mask scenario on a plane. If you don’t put your own oxygen mask first and start to look after yourself, you will crash and burn out like I did.

Exhausted and overwhelmed means you’re not giving your all to your relationships, work or home life. It’s now time to live your life from a place of self-love and self-care.





The Be Vibrant programme:

At the end of Module 1 you will:

  • Understand the importance of self-love and the impact it will have on your life.
  • Have reflected on where you’re at right now, where you want to be (your goals and dreams) and what’s stopping you getting there.
  • Have started your journey to feeling in control, relaxed, happy and full of vitality.

Module 2 will support to:

  • Learn techniques to start to adapt your mindset and overcome your barriers.
  • Take tiny step by step actions that feel achievable in order to achieve those feelings of relaxation and happiness.
  • Start to see immediate differences through using mindfulness.

In Module 3 I’ll teach you:

  • How to continue on this journey, begin to turn what you’ve learnt into a habit, allowing it to become second nature.
  • Develop a daily routine that suits your lifestyle in order to create lasting change to your wellbeing.
  • Learn my number one secret to happiness – it’s free and you can do it on your sofa!

After Module 4 you will:

  • Make deep rooted changes and learn how to stay in this happy place after the programme ends.
  • Learn resilience strategies and what to do if things go wrong or stress starts to creep back in.
  • Learn to be present, start life with you in the driving seat and enjoy doing it right now!

My Be Vibrant programme is going LIVE ON MONDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2016. You’ll get everything you need sent straight to your inbox and access to the Facebook group before then so we can get to know each other and make friends.

Grab your space right now. You can pay a one off payment or break it down into monthly amounts.

I’m so looking forward to working with you and helping you learn techniques so you can live your life from a happy, vibrant place of self-love.







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