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The Woods Can Be Scary

Woods Scary Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

The woods can be scary!

I don’t mean when its dark outside, the air is misty with thick fog and there’s wolves howling in the distance!

I mean in the middle of the day.

The woods can be scary on a sunny June afternoon too.

I found out last week that some people are absolutely petrified to visit the woods for an outdoor wellbeing event – even one held on a sunny afternoon in the middle of June. As someone who runs outdoor wellbeing events I wanted to find out what was going through their minds.

What if no-one likes me?
What if I make a fool of myself?
What if I cry?
What if I’m late, or I can’t find where I’m going?
What if my anxiety makes me hyperactive?

All scary thoughts huh?
At last week’s event (have a look at the awesome photos below) all of these things were felt.


 Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist outdoor retreat

People are SCARED to come to the woods.

People told me last week they almost cancelled because they were so nervous.

Anxiety was high and it was almost preventing people from having an awesome time.

What was amazing is that all it took to calm those nerves was one lady to ask for help.

She told me she was scared. She became self-aware and instead of rubbishing or dismissing her thoughts she held her head high, embraced how she felt and accepted her feelings.

Then she took action.

She asked for help.

I addressed her concerns with a Facebook live video (similar to this one) that led to more people asking for help and then during the event other people said they’d also felt the same, some shared stories of how they’d cried, some shared how they overcame their fears and the group CONNECTED.

In an amazing way.

Women were hugging each other.

They realised they were not alone.

If you feel like you need some more supportive female influence in your life then please do consider coming along to a retreat.

If you want to be accepted for just being YOU then have a listen to videos below where people are sharing how scared they felt but with a little bravery, how happy they were that they faced their fears.


If you’d like to attend an ecotherapy retreat in the woods with me next year you can find out more about my upcoming events here.




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