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A Hydration Challenge

Hydration Challenge Hayley GillardHydration is essential for health.

I recently had a conversation with Margriet van Nieuwburg a GP, and founder of Dr Margriet Health. She completely wowed me!

Many of you will know that I’m really passionate about looking after our bodies and minds holistically. I believe we too quickly reach for medical drugs and especially in the cases of trauma and challenge are too quick to diagnose a medical condition. I do a lot of work around mental health and wellbeing and when I first met Dr Margriet round a campfire a few months ago I knew she was someone I needed to collaborate with.

I’ll let Dr Margriet use her own words to describe the way she works but I’m so very excited because we did go on to collaborate and she is a guest expert in IGNITE+GLOW. Right now, she has our members upping their water intake, reducing their alcohol and caffeine and posting pictures left, right, and centre of their hydration successes! People are trying fabulous new drinks, giving opinions on drink fads (turmeric tea anyone!? yuk!) and really seeing some great results from hydrating themselves and understanding what it is they are helping their body to do.

Here’s a recent conversation I had with Dr Margriet about why she is so passionate about H2O:

HG – Hayley Gillard

DrM – Dr Margriet

HG: Dr Margriet, I am super excited to welcome you, and feel so privileged to be able to share your work, knowledge and expertise with my tribe. You’re my guest expert teaching and guiding us all around hydration in March in IGNITE+GLOW, but before we talk about that can you tell everyone about who you are, what you do and what you’re passionate about sharing with the world.

DrM: Hi everybody, yes its my absolute pleasure to be joining you throughout March, I am really looking forward to it. So, my name is Margriet, and I run a really lovely holistic health practice in Suffolk where I live, and I do lots of work online and both face to face, but my absolute passion is that I really believe we all have the capacity to heal from the inside out.

HG: Fantastic, I totally agree.

DrM: It is my absolute fundamental. We are natural beings, we are designed to heal, we are designed to be well, and if we can only just give ourselves the right environment both on the inside and on the outside, then I think a lot of things tend to right themselves. In the way I work, that’s what I aim to do.

HG: I love it, that sounds super exciting and we have clearly got a lot in common, as you know I research a lot about how the environment impacts us and actually your own internal environment is probably where you should start, right?

DrM: Yep!

I am a big fan of doing simple things well, so really love to do simple things really really well, and then consistently. I think doing things simply and well actually gives great results. Sometimes we tend to over complicate things and go too complex but I believe we should start from wherever you are right now, and start simply. 

HG: Absolutely! How can you help us?

DrM: So what I would really love to do with your tribe, is really talk about things to do with hydration. Also the power of water, because after all, we are 60% water and I think there is a lot of fun we could have playing around with the idea that we are water. We drink water, we can hydrate but also how the power of water can influence us both emotionally and psychologically.

HG: Fantastic, I am so excited about this. Obviously as someone who uses nature a lot in my therapeutic work, I often look at how nature impacts us, and I get asked all the time “how can I connect with nature if I don’t really like being outside?” Guess what, drink water! A great place to start! It’s a pure natural element, light a candle, put the fire on, this thing right here (holds glass of water) is one of the most natural elements. Earth, air, fire and water you got it right there haven’t you, so fantastic.  So, if you could give somebody a top tip in this quick video, to get more water in their lives, what would it be?

DrM: That’s a really good question.  We all think hydration is all about water, when actually its about fluids. When we throw open the net a little bit wider and stop thinking its just got to be water out of the tap, actually a lot more interesting things open up. With that, our enthusiasm and our motivation and excitement kind of get a bit more colourful.

HG: Can I ask a question then, does my prosecco count?!


HG: Guessing not!

DrM: Not in terms of your hydration my dear, but in terms of your emotional wellbeing its fabulous!

HG: I hear you! So its not just water out of the tap is it, there is herbal tea, squash, all sorts.

DrM: Yeah! So I guess my top tip is to try to create a nice, easy to digest, format to try and get creative with consuming more fluids. Have fun with it! I always talk to my clients bout sneaking things into your life, little bits here and there, little, little, little then suddenly ‘oh my gosh I am in a totally different place now than I was a few weeks ago’!

HG: I love it, fantastic,! So Dr Margriet, you are guest expert for us in IGNITE+GLOW throughout March. We have a whole month with you. Members get to watch a full length interview with you, we have a live Q&A, there are masterclasses, you are going to set people a challenge, they have got a load of stuff to look forward to haven’t they!?

DrM: Absolutely!

You can tell from just that tiny snippet of our conversation how fabulous working with Dr Margriet is going to be!

It’s now you turn to take a hydration challenge! I am heard saying all the time that self-awareness is the first hurdle with any type of emotional growth or personal development. You have to know how you’re feeling and whether you’re stuck or not, to know if you need some support. Well, that’s your challenge right there…!

Become aware of how hydrated you are.

Create a diary log today noting what fluids you’re taking in. Adding stock to soup? Note it down. Few too many glasses of wine? Note it down. Big drink after a gym session? Note it down.

Once you have an idea of your habits and preferences you can then decide if you want to take any action or not.

If you want to come and learn how to make yourself well from the inside out, using hydration as a tool to do that, come and join Dr Margriet on this journey with us. I would absolutely love you to join us. 

IGNITE+GLOW is an amazing online community, it is a place of pure connection. Imagine you’re around a campfire and it is 3000 years ago. Women came together to cook, to look after the kids, to keep the fire going, to build a shelter. The men were off hunting. We really don’t have that community and that connection in modern day life. We live in skyscrapers, we live in a crazy fast paced city where everybody judges everybody else, the world is spinning faster and faster. IGNITE+GLOW is a community where you can come right back to basics, and look after yourself and nurture yourself in a community of like minded women. 

Every single week you can access content from our guest expert and I also share an online group coaching session with me.   If you want to come and join us you are more than welcome too, you can find out more here.

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about Dr Margriet and her work, her website is www.drmargriet.com.


For more tips and advice on how to connect with nature and prioritise your own wellbeing, follow me on Facebook.


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