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We all know the statistics on how stress has a massive influence on our workforce. You know how much of an impact mental health problems can have on absence rates and staff retention. You’ve probably felt the tension and pressure yourself of when life gets overwhelming and you’re trying to hold it together. And if you don’t know the stats, keep reading…!

Why not do something to prevent stress instead?

Imagine having a team that was connected, that bounced ideas off each other and felt excited about the projects they were working on!

Imagine staff who communicated well, who turned up for work smiling and who consistently hit their targets and wanted more!

Imagine managers who inspired others, people who were engaged and a whole organisational culture of positivity, enthusiasm and a go-getting attitude.

It would make you happier would it? It would make your staff happier too. And actually, that happiness would lead to higher productivity and motivation, better staff retention rates, lower sickness rates and a healthier bank balance.

It’s possible! I can help you.

And if you want the statistics as extra confirmation of the importance of looking after your staff here they are!…

  • Did you know the UK loses an estimated £29billion a year to staff sickness? (HR Magazine)
  • Were you aware that stress is the biggest reason for workplace absence with 9.9 million days lost every year. (Health and Safety Executive) That’s the equivalent of 23 days per person per year.
  • A huge 12% of absence from work is due to mental health problems. (Office for National Statistics). That’s £2211 per employee on a salary of £25,000.

I can help.

Staff Coaching

I work with organisations and individuals in Yorkshire to improve staff retention rates, sickness levels and employee productivity and focus. I help organisations to build better team dynamics, better communication and improved outputs and outcomes. I can help an organisation support staff leaving due to redundancy.

I do this through team away days based on wellbeing (in the woods!), one to one and group coaching, training and wellbeing packages.


Your staff are the biggest asset in your organisation. Supporting your employees is essential to organisational success. The statistics above show that an investment into the wellbeing of your staff can make a huge difference.

We can develop a package to suit your needs which can be flexible from a one-off hour to a regularly weekly commitment.


Hayley Gillard - Ecotherapist

Get in touch:

Get in touch to find out how I can help your organisation through employee coaching, mindfulness, training and wellbeing packages.

Contact me at: hello@hayleygillard.com

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