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Emotional Self-Care

This week I’ve been talking to people a lot. My private facebook group (part of The Retreat) has been so buzzing and the topics have all been based around self-care.
But generally, when most people think of self-care they think of yoga, baths, healthy food, taking time out, meditation etc etc. All quite practical and physical. They’re all really awesome ways to look after your wellbeing but your emotional health is so so so important too. Arguably more important.

Mindset is everything. As a qualified and accredited coach it’s my job to help people switch up their mindset. You make much more lasting changes that way. Ever wondered why a diet doesn’t work? Mindset. Ever wondered why you can’t stick to a habit? Mindset.

In this week’s video blog, I talk about emotional wellbeing, give you some tips and also challenge you to be curious. Have a listen below:

Let me know your thoughts on this. Do you find emotional self-care difficult?
Leave me a comment and let me know.

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