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Does the weather make you mad?

Outdoor Events in Yorkshire

In the last week I’ve been in the woods on many occasion. Mostly I’ve been doing team away days and day retreats, but I also meet some of my clients in the woods for ecotherapy coaching sessions. May is generally a month where the weather can really go to polar opposites! Last week was gloriously sunny up here in Yorkshire, and actually we’ve had one of the lowest rainfalls this year so far. I was genuinely getting worried for all my little veg plants who were struggling to grow! But of course, for running outdoor events it’s pretty great!

Luckily for the plants, the heavens have now opened and we are on Day 3 of constant rainfall! I am now worried that my plants need some sun too ha ha!

We Brits love talking about the weather and no ecotherapy blog would be complete without some words on the topic!…

I often get asked the question “will you still run the event if it’s raining/snowing?” The answer is a resounding YES! In fact, the only weather I don’t run an event in is extremely high wind, and that’s only because being in the woods in high wind can be dangerous and it voids my insurance! I’m out in the sunshine, I’m out in the pouring rain and in fact one of my best ever events was after there had been a massive snowfall the night before! We spent the day really truly playing. Loads of adults out in the woods having snowball fights, making dens and doing snow angels– we enjoyed the campfire that day!

But often, my answer of “yes, I’m outside even in the rain” is met with a certain look! The look is one that says “really?!” or “you’re nuts” or “you’d never catch me doing that”.

So I want to ask… does the weather make you mad?

Emotional Reactions

My husband was really busy last week, he was feeling quite stressed out and when he came home from work he wanted to get some fresh air and sit in the garden. BUT! He opened the back door and almost shouted at the weather! “It’s too muggy, there’s no air, I can’t even breath!” It made him mad.

Then take my client last week, she was on one of my mini retreats and said the wind was making her mad! She said that the wind also ruins her mountain biking adventures and makes her just want to stay inside. **update – she has now messaged me to tell me she discovered wearing something that covers her ears helps her anger!**

My friend Beth then came over to my house the next day. It was gloriously sunny but the wind was up! She said it made her mad too! Hair in your lipgloss anyone!?

Another lady told me she loves the sunshine but hates the wet and cold. Hate is a very strong word!!

So, I guess the answer is that weather does make people mad!

But not everyone… on Tuesday night it was pouring with rain and I had a client. I just knew she’d up up for outdoor coaching! We met with my dog too and traipsed our way through the rain doing our coaching session! She was upbeat about the weather and even wore wellies and a waterproof over her office dress! Brilliant!

Love the Weather

I LOVE WEATHER! I especially love UK weather. We have seasons, we have beautiful green fields and hedgerows because of our mix of rain and sun and I love nothing more than going for a great big blustery cliff top walk which ends at a pub with a cosy log fire!

But, I’m not a survivalist. I don’t think you should just endure the weather if you really hate it. I just want to question whether you really hate it!? I’m often heard saying “there’s no such thing as bad weather only bad clothes”. It’s true!

So, question yourself this week. Do you really hate bad weather?! Does it really make you mad? Should rain or a grey day really stop you going outside? You tell me! Let me know in the comments!

And just to finish, have a watch of a recent facebook live I did on Rain Faces! Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here.

If you love nature and wellbeing I’d love for you to connect with me in my private Facebook group. It’s called Wellbeing and Wellies (appropriately!) It’s a safe community of women who talk about ideas for getting outside more, ask questions, do challenges and make each other feel good. Come and join us here.

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