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Declutter your house and mind

Let me introduce you to Kate Ibbotson.

Kate is a flipping genius at helping women to de-stress. Like really! She is definitely a woman you need in your life.

She is a professional declutter and organiser, and runs a business called A Tidy Mind.

I’ve been talking with Kate a lot recently about how amazing decluttering is for emotional health. There are many links between a chaotic and cluttered home environment and stress.

Has the dining room table become a dumping ground? Is the spare room a launderette? Do you have to hunt round the whole house looking for keys?! Makes sense that a cluttered house is linked to stress doesn’t it?


Whilst on the surface Kate is spending her time helping women (mostly) declutter possessions in their house, she delves much deeper than that almost straight away and helps women on an emotional level. Kate says: “A decluttered environment leads to lower stress levels, I have seen it myself, and a tidy and clean home is probably the main thing that helps someone lower their anxiety and create calm in the home environment and their wider lives.”

Kate has seen lots of other wider-life benefits come from decluttering the home too.

Money Management – Kate says: “I have seen people manage their money a lot better because they are being more intentional with what they are spending”. If you’ve just decluttered your home you probably want to be much more aware of what you then fill it with in the future!

Time – “Clients have realised they are spending time on the wrong things, or they are spending too much time on social media for example, and then when they cut some of that clutter out they suddenly have all this time for creativity”

Health – There’s also lots of health benefits. “I find people make better food choices and are more likely to exercise. All because they have decided to declutter their lives.”  Decluttering buys you headspace so you can focus on the other important things in your life.

Interestingly I’m running an intensive life coaching programme at the moment, Life Revolution, and many of the women taking part have chosen to work on their home life as part of the process. We do an analysis of what’s going on for them in their life and then participants choose a priority area. Our home environment ultimately links to our overall happiness.  I’ve had clients previously tell me that their relationships are also so much calmer when they are in an environment where they are not climbing over everything to get into bed every night, they snap at the kids less and socialise more because they want to invite friends round and are not embarrassed by the state of their home any more.

Kate is guest expert in Ingite & Glow during February and is sharing lots of support, helpful ideas and tips to help you declutter. It can be emotional. We’re attached to a lot of the stuff cluttering up our lives, so to have someone on hand to help out is really helpful.

I asked Kate what she had in store for members of The Retreat:

  • Masterclass 1 – all about the underpinning theme to everything she does, which is Conscious Consumerism, and being intentional about what you allow into your life and what you buy. It also involves looking at what you allow in your head as most decluttering starts with mindset!
  • Masterclass 2 – Kate’s top tips to how you keep a decluttered environment, not just declutter it. Maintaining the progress is essential, as there is no point doing it if you can’t maintain it.
  • A live Q&A where you can get specific responses to your questions and personally interact with Kate.
  • Your chance to post a picture of an area of your home you want to declutter and then get Kate’s expert eye on it and give you personalised advice for how to clear it out.
  • An interview with me and Kate where she shares her story and why she is so passionate about decluttering.

You can find out more about Kate’s work at www.atidymind.co.uk and on social media @atidymind, Kate posts every day and is all about adding value for people.

There’s tonnes of benefits to joining Ignite & Glow, it’s a friendly, supportive group of women who are learning to prioritise their wellbeing. They will laugh with you, cry with you, support you and celebrate with you. A group of best friends you’ve craved your whole life.

If you’re already in love with the work Kate does and would love to join us in The Retreat then you’d be more than welcome.  Please do.

CLICK HERE to find out more  and sign up.

Take a watch of my recent mini interview with Kate:


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