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Crafting for Relaxation

Craft Retreat Mindfulness

As you know I’m really into craft. I love the mindfulness element, the creativity that feeds my soul and the sense of achievement you get when finishing a project. As someone who has run craft retreats in Yorkshire, who teaches mindfulness in my retreats and who provides relaxation advice every day, this guest blog just hits the spot!

Crafting for Relaxation – By Sue Tootill – Queen of Crafts

I have always made things. For me, it’s a way of being busy whilst being quiet, of sitting still but still moving, of being calm and mindful, without being distracted.

It’s almost impossible for me to sit still, and to calm and clear my mind – meditation….ha ha, always accompanied by so much mental chatter and distraction! But, when I’m making something, my mind is engaged in the task, almost complete focus on what I’m doing – if I start thinking about the shopping or chores or where did I put…. ? or how do birds that are tiny, make so much noise, or what would happen if….? …..or any of the other million things that constantly chatter through my mind…then I lose my place, or miscount, or just forget what I’m supposed to be doing and get glue everywhere!

Create your own retreat

Crafting can be a very peaceful occupation, with so much variety, that you can do anywhere. I especially love crochet as it’s so portable, you can easily carry a small project with you on the bus, to catch 20 minutes peace in your lunch-hour. It can also be very social, with groups meeting regularly and sharing skills and stories. (**The perfect way to bring your favourite elements of a retreat in to your every day life – added by Hayley**).

I think the tactile nature of crafting is also very calming. We engage most of our senses which is relaxing and mindful and as most crafts work with lots of colour, we can choose projects to suit our mood, to be calmed or energised.

I love the connectedness from crafting – both with others around us as we share skills or discuss what we are doing and with history, the sense of doing something generations past have done and passed down and the memories possibly evoked as we remember learning from Granny.

Learning and developing these skills keeps our minds and fingers agile and the co-ordinated movements keep our brains active.

What’s not to love?

And if that’s not enough, the fantastic sense of achievement when you complete a project and the huge confidence boost you get when someone admires your finished project, wow, words just can’t describe that feeling.

Get inspired

If you’re feeling inspired but don’t know where to start, check out some of the free resources over on my Queen of Crafts website.

A huge thanks to Hayley for letting me talk to you. Love, Sue xx

P.S. You seriously all need to go and check out Sue’s website! She’s an incredible teacher, makes some amazing things, sells kits to get you going and her beautiful energy and passion inspires everything she does. Go go!

P.P.S. Do you craft for relaxation? Tell me your favourite kinds of crafting in the comments and if you’ve ever fancied a craft retreat!

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  1. Debra says:

    I have loads and loads of craft stuff. I had a habit of buying craft stuff at one point. I keep meaning to put time aside to do some.

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