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How to make cherry liqueur!

This week’s vlog is a fun one! I’m teaching you how to make cherry liqueur! It tastes even better if you can forage the cherries!

You will need:
– Cherries
– An air tight glass jar
– Alcohol spirit of your choice
– A fork
– Some sugar

Take a watch and let me know if you’re going to make this or if you’ve ever made any of your own alcohol before!

Here’s the link for the book I use to make most of my homemade alcohol! Booze For Free by Andy Hamilton: https://amzn.to/2LwpEci

Disclaimer – A thank you to Di Wood for pointing out that there is a tiny amount of cyanide in cherry stones. It is my opinion that because you strain off the cherries and only drink the cherry infused liquid this will not affect you adversely. This recipe is from the widely available book Booze For Free by Andy Hamilton and I therefore take it in good nature that it has been made many times and is safe. If you would like to read about the toxicology of cherry stones you can do so here.
Thanks for pointing this out Di.


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