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Read This If You Feel Guilty Relaxing Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

Read This If You Feel Guilty Relaxing…

Self-care, self-love, self-compassion, wellbeing, spending time for yourself… Whatever you want to call it, I want to talk about it! ...
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Therapy Dog Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

Lessons from a greyhound

You may have seen from my photos over the last few weeks that we have a new puppy in our ...
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Why New Year Resolutions Piss Me Off

Why New Year’s Resolutions Piss Me Off!

Ahh! It's only the second working day in January and already my Facebook page is crammed with New Year's quotes, ...
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stress free christmas Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

7 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Some people love this time of year. Some people hate it. Whilst I'm in the former camp, many of my ...
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Magic Tricks Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

Magic Tricks and Mindset Kicks

I’m reading a really great book at the moment. It was recommended to me by one of my mentors and ...
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tips stop overwhelm Hayley Gillard

3 Tips To Stop Overwhelm In Its Tracks

I recently asked a question across my social media channels about how BEING OVERWHELMED affected your life and the answers ...
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stop self sabotage Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

4 tools to stop sabotaging self-talk

4 tools to stop sabotaging self-talk Hands up if you self-sabotage? Ok, that’s probably every single person reading this then ...
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Woods Scary Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

The Woods Can Be Scary

The woods can be scary! I don’t mean when its dark outside, the air is misty with thick fog and ...
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Ecotherapy Retreat Hayley Gillard

What on earth is an ecotherapy retreat!?

Last month I launched my new 2018 events. Exciting bushcraft days, relaxing craft retreats and weekends full of wellbeing. Anyone ...
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British Weather – A Beautiful Nightmare

The British Weather - that ol' chestnut! Those of you who know me will know that it really riles me ...
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