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Learn to say No Hayley Gillard

One Simple Word That Can Change Your Life

Overcoming Overwhelm This week I’ve been coaching a lovely lady who got in touch because she felt completely overwhelmed. She ...
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One Minute Tips for Relaxation Hayley Gillard

One Minute Tips for Relaxation

“It only takes a minute girl, to fall in love, to fall in love!” - Take That Yes! I am ...
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Can you tap your way to happiness Hayley Gillard

Can You Tap Your Way To Happiness?

  I’m a Coach. My work involves a blend of counselling skills, performance coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, and an understanding of ...
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Building a Habit of Self Care Hayley Gillard

Building a habit of self-care

I want to share with you an idea I use with clients who feel exhausted, overwhelmed and ready to take ...
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Hydration Challenge Hayley Gillard

A Hydration Challenge

Hydration is essential for health. I recently had a conversation with Margriet van Nieuwburg a GP, and founder of Dr ...
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boundaries Hayley Gillard

One key ingredient for wellbeing

There’s SO MUCH on our to do lists! As a species! As women, I think we feel the need to ...
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Importance of Friendship Hayley Gillard

The importance of friendship (and how to make friends)

Answer these questions for me: Are you part of a tribe of women who make you feel great? Do you ...
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Declutter your house and mind

Declutter your house and mind

Let me introduce you to Kate Ibbotson. Kate is a flipping genius at helping women to de-stress. Like really! She ...
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the nature of human disconnect Hayley Gillard

The Nature of Human Disconnect

Imagine a truck full of contractors arrive to start cutting the trees down on your road. Would it upset you? ...
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essential oils for sleep Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

3 essential oils for a better night’s sleep

Wide awake? Tossing and turning? Shattered but just can’t keep your eyes closed long enough to drift off? Gah! It’s ...
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