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British Weather – A Beautiful Nightmare

The British Weather – that ol’ chestnut!

Those of you who know me will know that it really riles me up when people moan about the weather. It’s boring, it’s whiney and you sound like a broken record. Ouch, I even felt harsh writing that.

But seriously!! This morning I was in Sainsbury’s grabbing a few bits and the person at the checkout in front of me struck up a conversation with the shop assistant. He said, and I quote directly: “This weather is a nightmare isn’t it?”

To which the shop assistant replied: “I know, it’s horrendous. I didn’t want to leave the house this morning.”

Ok so I get it, we make small talk about the weather. I’m British, I understand the importance of an opening quip about the changes in the seasons. But seriously. Moaning about grey skies, damp days, dark nights and the wind just gets to me!

I think I’m so passionate about this because it’s often used as an excuse to not do things. As someone who is super pro-active and excited about life, I’m sure as hell not going to let a bit of rain stop me. I teach people how to get motivated and stop procrastinating to achieve their goals!

I’m often heard saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. (Ok, it probably wasn’t me who first coined this phrase but I’m a big believer in it.)

I understand the weather can make you a bit cold and a bit wet but YOU’RE HUMAN! You will dry out and warm up again!

It’s Beautiful Weather NOT a Nightmare!

This time of year is BEAUTIFUL. The multi-coloured leaves are gorgeous, the hedgerows and trees have given us plenty of produce for our freezer (mine is full of apple pies!), the mornings are gorgeously crisp and frosty, there’s a perfect excuse for new coats and boots (winner!), bonfire night events pop up everywhere, fresh leeks, carrots, parsnips all almost ready for picking, weekends full of jam and chutney making… need I go on?!

I LOVE being outside in this weather. I just adore feeling the wind in my hair, walking on a blustery beach and then coming back to warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate.

So, are you a lover or a hater of this weather? Leave me a comment and let me know. My previous blog “Does the weather make you mad?!” got some interesting reactions!

But, honestly I do understand that sometimes you’d rather wrap up warm in thick socks and blankets – and if that’s the case, then I want to leave you with some of my favourite inspiration for when you do want to go outside again!

Nature Inspiration

Kindling Play and Training – a great blog with some fantastic ideas for nature connection activities. Run by my lovely friend Lily, I can often be found totally inspired by her and have tried out many of her projects such as whittling a skulk of foxes with a group or casting pewter over an open fire.

Daughter of the Woods – check out her Instagram Stories! A wonderful woman who shares her story and dream of living in the woods in the north of Sweden. Originally from Germany, Michelle shares her passions, her photographs and her love of nature in a beautiful way.

The Simple Things – a magazine that I love! Full of inspiration, recipes, tips and ideas for living more simply. Check out their website for loads of great content and their social media channels too. Of course, nothing beats buying the magazine off the shelf and then snuggling up with the fire on and some hot coffee.

Microadventures – I’m a big fan of Alastair Humphreys and have mentioned him on many occasion on my blog. Alastair is the guy behind the phrase “microadventure” and encourages people to enjoy the 5-9 as well as just working 9-5. Check out his book for exciting ideas for trips and days out.

Ski with Scissors – An awe-inspiring Instagram feed from Sam Feuerborn (the son of Julie Feuerborn from Julie The Money Coach – my friend and guest expert in Ignite & Glow). Sam climbs, skis, fishes, teaches and travels – oh, and takes awesome photos! Based in Colorado, USA, follow his account for serious travel envy!

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