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Be a woman, not a girl.

There’s magic in women getting together.  A magic that sometimes is a tiny sparkle or a whisper that flows on the wind.  Other times it’s a magic so powerful it could move mountains.


On my retreats and away days, at my workshops for women or my mental health support groups there’s something special that happens when a group of women connect. We’re outside, we’re open to the elements and we’re there to look after ourselves and prioritise our wellbeing. It’s not just about a chance to chat, to let your emotions go or to lower the wall of pretence you carry with you throughout your day. Sure, those things do happen (amidst many a hot chocolate and marshmallow toasting) but what actually happens during these sessions is deep. It’s raw. It’s special. And, it matters more than anything.


Women have connected in groups forever.

Some of the oldest evidence shows women meeting in circles over 300,000 years ago for spiritual rituals and to prepare food for the community.

Women still meet in groups, and they change the world.

When you add a campfire to the equation, and the gentle rustle of the breeze in the trees, the smell of wood smoke and the sunlight shifting through the canopy, that’s when the magic happens. Nature brings that extra special ingredient.

Some people call the magic female empowerment. Others call it a release or letting go. Some people call it being a hippie or a pagan! Some people call it madness. Some people call it bliss. Whatever it is, it works. It heals the soul. It relaxes the body. It calms the mind. It makes you feel connected and whole again.

I spend my days round the campfire. I run workshops for women to help people heal, let go of pain in their past, realise their potential or uncover their strengths. The sharing of those experiences enhances it. A positive word, a knowing smile, and a squeeze of the shoulder makes it reality. People have left my workshops for women or retreats with genuine new friends. A weekend with likeminded people can heal even the deepest wounds. It’s the combination of nature-connection, a supportive environment and the feminine energy that does it.

In Ignite & Glow, my online membership club we’ve recreated it.

An electronic version of the campfire!

Women connect over our core monthly themes (things like yoga, confidence, crystals, and nutrition).

You can find out more about it here.

Hayley Gillard Be a Woman Not a Girl

We need women in our lives. Women truly understand other women. We support each other because it’s in our blood to do that.

Unfortunately though there’s a lot of hatred out there. Media, advertising, and even the arts have been poisoned by the notion that there is a ‘perfect’ way to look, a ‘perfect’ body, a ‘perfect’ lifestyle. It’s bullshit. It has created a culture where we turn on each other.

  • Don’t be a girl who bashes what another women wears because it’s not ‘cool’.
  • Don’t be a girl who sniggers behind someone’s back and bitches to their friends.
  • Don’t be a girl who hates on celebrities because they lost or gained 10 pounds.
  • Don’t be a girl who judges themselves against others, competing for attention.
  • Don’t be a girl who steals another woman’s husband. Don’t be that girl.

Be a woman, not a girl. A strong, fierce, vibrant light in the world instead.

Spread joy, spread happiness, spread connection, spread healing.

Spread love.

To other women.

If you do anything today, find some feminine connection. Be someone who lifts other women up. Be someone who supports, empowers and celebrates the women in your life. And the men too. Be bold, be brave and be authentic. Be proud and hold hands with us.

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