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About Me

I’m Hayley and before I say anything else, take a watch of the video below where I tell you a little bit more about who I work with and how I can help you.


My absolute passion is helping women feel happier, stronger and more resilient to the stresses life inevitably throws at us. EVERYTHING in my work is about connection. I tend to focus my work into three main areas.

  1. Connecting with yourself. Self awareness is the first hurdle. If you want some help getting to know yourself better, understanding what makes you tick, building on your strengths, overcoming a challenge or communicating with loved ones better then you’re in the right place!
  2. Connecting with others. Wish you had a group of BEST FRIENDS? People who understand you, celebrate you, you can trust, be authentic with, laugh with, cry with… I get it. Having people around us we can lean on is one of the most important things for positive mental wellbeing. Check out my online tribe IGNITE+GLOW here.
  3. Connecting with nature. There are incredible benefits to your wellbeing in getting outside more. More and more scientific research is now showing that nature can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression! All my events are outdoors, based around a campfire. As a species we are disconnected from the natural world so my retreats and workshops help you with that.


My whole career has been based on helping people. I actually started life as a beauty therapist would you believe!? I loved making women feel self-confident through getting their nails done or relaxed from having a massage but I quickly realised that whilst having 30 mins of niceness was great, the women were going home to stressful relationships or jobs and having a manicure or facial definitely wasn’t solving those problems!

I progressed my career into the health and wellbeing sector and now have over 10 years’ experience working with people who have experienced domestic violence, homelessness, mental health problems, addiction issues and criminal convictions. I now specialise in mental health and provide training to professionals and support to individuals in this area. I use my knowledge and expertise to inform the work I now do in my own business.

I have experienced burn-out from overwhelm myself more than once and now support, mentor and coach other women to maintain their physical and emotional health and make lasting changes to their wellbeing.


I believe that people in caring style roles should have the qualifications to back up what they are teaching people. There’s a lot of “coaches” who ask really bad questions and a lot of “therapists” who can create more chaos than good. Whilst I’m not here to badmouth anyone, I am here to say that as well as my enthusiasm for this line of work and my experience in this field I also have qualifications to back up what I do. I believe in continuing professional development and love attending new courses and training. Here’s some of the qualifications I have.



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