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7 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

stress free christmas Hayley Gillard Ecotherapist

Some people love this time of year. Some people hate it.

Whilst I’m in the former camp, many of my clients really struggle with managing everything on their to-do list, financial pressures, family dynamics and remembering loved ones who are no longer with us this time of year.

I asked the amazing ladies in The Retreat, my online membership club to give you their top tips for a smooth, relaxed Christmas!

1. Get outside! Every other bugger is unwrapping presents so you have the outside all to yourself! – Tracey
AND we all know the benefits of getting outside don’t we! If not, you can read about them here in a blog I wrote for the Huffington Post.

2. Social media lies! Enjoy the perfect tree/decoration pics and know there’s a huge pile of crap just out of shot! – Sharon
Too true! People only show you their best bits!

3. Remember it doesn’t last forever. During my 4 day Christmas challenge I will look for any small glimmers of positivity and try to build on that. I will be trying to practice gratitude. No matter how challenging I find it, I will remember how blessed I am to have a family. – Debra

4. Grab 10 minutes when you can and escape for a walk. And, if all else fails, turn to the mince pies! – Katie
Now, this is what I’m talking about!

5. Stay organised and keep an up to date list on you at all times of people left to buy for. On the day I don’t get stressed with the cooking as I just tell myself its no different to a Sunday dinner. – Jodie

6. Go away – sunshine always helps with stress! – Laura
If it’s too late to book a winter sunshine break, then maybe you could use the concept and book something fun instead. Having something in the diary to look forward to it HUGE for your wellbeing. Take a look why here.

7. Stop and breathe. Nothing has to be perfect. Good enough is good enough! Especially with kids. They won’t remember how perfect the Christmas dinner is, but they will remember that you sat and watched that Christmas film with them, or built that lego toy with them. – Sharon
Here’s a video on a great mindfulness tip to help you remember to stop and breathe.

Remember, stress is a mindset. You can CHOOSE whether feeling stressed is helpful and resourceful. If it’s not, compassionately let it go.

Merry festive season!
Hayley x

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