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3 Tips To Stop Overwhelm In Its Tracks

tips stop overwhelm Hayley Gillard


I recently asked a question across my social media channels about how BEING OVERWHELMED affected your life and the answers really shocked me.


I wish that was the truth.
But it’s not.
Actually, the answers were exactly what I expected, but what did shock me is the extent of this massive problem we have.


People told me their overwhelm meant they snapped at their kids – they were stricter, they shouted more, they felt less tolerant.

They felt disconnected from their partners, unable to listen properly or engage with them even with something as small as finding out how their day went.

We joked about feeling physically disconnected too – lacking time to touch or have sex – but it’s not a joke, it’s true.

People said that actually their family irritated them – they’re mind was so preoccupied with work, with keeping to schedules and with keeping up appearances on social media that the very people who loved them most started to annoy them.

Lots of people said they hated their job, they couldn’t stand their boss, their colleagues were bullies.

And many people told me they had no time for friends any more (and even when something was planned they had no energy or motivation to do it).

No motivation or energy was a common theme.

People told me they doubted their path in life, they felt lost and unsure of the real them.

People told me they cried – a LOT.

People told me they actually hated themselves because they used to feel sparkly and excited by life.


Did you read all that?!

It’s overwhelming in itself isn’t it!


Overwhelm is literally ruining people’s lives.

It’s an epidemic.

We’ve set our society up to create overwhelm.

Competition. Jealousy. Lust and greed for more. More. More.




Here’s some tips to counteract your overwhelm that you can try RIGHT NOW.


Let’s start your healing.

  1. Do something that creates a pause in your life. Even if that pause is just for 2 seconds. Not a STOP, that feels too massive. Just a pause. Pause when you take a sip of tea. Pause when your kid asks you a question. Pause when you first feel the cold air when you leave your house in the morning. Pausing creates an opportunity for your stress hormones to calm.
  2. Plan a fun activity. Having something to look forward to creates excitement, possibility and a feeling of a brighter future. You get to savour the anticipation, the actual event itself and then the good memories afterwards. It doesn’t need to be grand or expensive.
  3. Do something you enjoy. Self-care is sometimes misconstrued as needing to take hours of time relaxing, needing to be alone or needing to spend lots of money. Actually doing something you enjoy (no matter how small) triggers your feel good hormones and is more likely to be sustainable because you’re actually enjoying the process!


Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

If you’ve identified with some (or maybe even all!?) of the ways overwhelm can affect your life that I’ve mentioned above, then it’s probably time you started doing something about it.

I know looking at your life like this is totally stressful and you have no idea where to start.

I know it feels daunting, you’re too knackered and actually you just want someone to hold your hand and guide you through.


I’ve created my signature experience The Life Revolution deliberately to help women in your situation.

It’s a 6 month hug. It’s some breathing space, some support and the chance to get your sparkle back. Find out more here.


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